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Introduction to Ukulele

Get started with the ukulele by learning basic chords and strums at a pace designed for first-time players. The uke is a popular choice for students who have never picked up an instrument before. You’ll be surprised by how soon you’re playing songs while picking up core musical skills. Get acquainted with your uke through a variety of musical genres, from traditional Hawaiian music to post-war jazz, the folk revival, to current folk, pop, and rock favorites.

This class is recommended for students who have never played an instrument before and want a gradual introduction to the `ukulele. At the end of the session, students will be prepared to learn a larger library of chords, strums, and songs in Ukulele 1. If you have some musical experience already, especially playing other strummed instruments (e.g. guitar, banjo, mandolin), consider starting with Ukulele 1 instead of Intro to Uke.

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