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Bodhran: Intermediate

This is a multi-level class for those who have had prior instruction and are seeking to build on basic bodhran skills by speeding up tempos, alternating rhythm patterns, introducing syncopation, and developing a sense of personal style. The workshop atmosphere of the class allows students to play along to tunes at their own personal skill level and focus on specific techniques that interest them. You'll learn new ways to play the five basic rhythms - jigs, reels, hornpipes, slip jigs, and polkas - that will add to what you have learned in Bodhran: Beginning. You will also learn how to play other types of tunes, such as waltzes and slides, and how to accompany songs on the bodhran. Whether you like hard-driving rhythm or more subtle melodic playing, this class will help you find and develop your style, and give you the confidence to go out and play in traditional Irish music sessions around Chicago.

Class Schedules and Availability