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Harmonica Forever

"Forever" captures the idea of this class. Students in Harmonica Forever are those who have played for years, along with newer players who want to keep developing skills. Songs are taught at different levels and in first, second, third and twelfth positions. In Harmonica Forever the emphasis is on playing in class. Students develop bending skills, tone and other techniques, add to their repertoire and playing styles, and develop familiarity with additional positions. As content (blues, country, folk, jug band and popular music) varies each session, students often enroll for several sessions. In each class, review and play songs from previous weeks as well as new material. Everyone has the opportunity to solo. The class often has a back up band consisting of guitar, mandolin and standup bass. The last class of the session is a performance, usually outside the School. Ear players, including chromatic players, are welcomed (though tab is provided only for regular diatonic harps). You are welcome to record the class, and each class ends with a 2-5 minute summary for recorders.

Class Schedules and Availability