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Brass Class: Square Roots!

Toot your horn this summer! This class will meet 3 times with the goal of playing at the Square Roots Festival in a class parade down the street for all hear in true brass band style!

If you've got a rusty old trumpet, horn, trombone, or tuba sitting around in your closet from those high school marching band days, this class might be for you! Too many brass players let their horns collect dust because they feel uncomfortable playing their instrument at the Old Town School and beyond. We want you to feel comfortable playing with other people so that we can hear the sweet sounds of brass floating through the halls!

The focus of Brass Class will be to play melodies, build chords, work out harmonies, and create bass lines on your brass come prepared for some brass-focused music theory! We'll work out a tune together to perform as a class, and we may even get to be the horn section for a tune with an ensemble class! Students of all abilities are welcome -- just review your fingerings before you come so we can hit the ground running. Come with a brass instrument and a pencil, leave with the confidence to toot your horn in public!

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