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Folk Jam Workshop: Leading & Following

A hands on workshop with jam master Mark Dvorak. Nobody in the Midwest has led more jam sessions and sing alongs than Mark, dating back to the 1980s right on through the legendary Folk Club Sessions and the Thursday Night Special right here at the Old Town School. 

When it’s your turn to lead, you’ll get ideas of the kinds of songs on which others can join in easily. You'll learn how the democracy of chaos and working without printed materials promotes more energetic music. You’ll learn how to sing and play your instrument so others will listen and follow your lead. You’ll learn some techniques to vary the program and further involve those in attendance.

Followers will learn how to watch and listen for the chord changes. Even beginners who know only a few chords, benefit from participating in a community jam. More advanced players will gain the opportunity to get behind other players by adding runs, fills, harmonies and even leads.

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