Classic Album Ensemble

Inspired by the 33 & 1/3 book series that celebrates landmark records of pop, rock, country, and soul, the 33 & 1/3 picks one classic album each session, and learns every glorious song

Session 2 Stevie Wonder 'Innervisions' 138908
After making 18(!) records for Motown as a prodigious child star, Stevie Wonder re-negotiated his contract on his 21st birthday to give him unprecedented artistic control for his future records. 1973’s ‘Innervisions’ set a new standard for Wonder’s experimental electronics, political lyrics, and stellar songwriting. Highlights include ‘Living For The City’, ‘Higher Ground’, ‘Don’t You Worry About A Thing’, ‘He’s Misstra Know It All’, and more! Open to piano, synth, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and percussion.

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