Japanese Melodies for Fingerstyle Guitar

The Japanese Netflix hit series “Midnight Diner” opens with a beautiful song called “Omohide”. This song has a subtle, haunting melody and has long been beloved in Japanese culture. The singer is accompanied by an instrumental guitar line which we will learn. We will also learn an instrumental version of the traditional song “Kojo no Tsuki”, which has deep roots in Japanese culture as well. Tab notation will be used for both songs.

If you are an intermediate player and want to move beyond strumming, this is a great opportunity to learn to pluck individual melody notes using your fingers or a pick. For more advanced guitar players, this is an opportunity to try something new and add to your repertoire.

We will emphasize efficient fingering positions and techniques that can be applied to other styles of playing. Proficiency with bar chords will be helpful. Let’s learn something different!

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