Harmonica 1 and Repertoire

This class will cover basic harmonica skills, including those required for playing blues, country, folk, gospel, and other music, and creating the distinctive tonal and rhythmic sounds for which the harmonica is known. Ear players welcome. D and G diatonic harmonicas; a recording device is strongly recommended.

Skip introduces the skills, then slowly goes over and plays a song that applies the skills. The emphasis in class is on learning and applying, and each class includes a review of songs from earlier weeks. Hard copy tab is provided for all songs, but playing by ear is encouraged if the student is comfortable trying it. Students are often surprised how easy it becomes. A guitar player usually accompanies the class for part of the class. The last class session is a performance, usually outside the School.

You are welcome to record the entire class, but each class is ended with a 2-5 minute summary for recorders. As this class is “Harmonica 1 and Rep,” students have the option of enrolling for more than one term to further develop skills and to learn additional songs at this level.

This is also a Repertoire class: different songs are taught each term, so students can continue developing basic skills with new material. Students wishing to play harmonica with guitar, are welcome; and accommodated in the curriculum.

Class Schedules and Availability