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TitleArtist Type Speed Level Teacher Notes

- A -

ABC Notation for Fiddle TunesCompiled by Paul TylerNotationFiddle 1Paulshort tutorial
A Corn Licker Still in GeorgiaSkillet LickersSourceEnsemblePaulPart 1
A Minor ScaleMaria McCulloughDemoSlowFiddle 1MariaTo prep for Koputus Polkka
A Corn Licker Still in GeorgiaSkillet LickersSourceEnsemblePaulPart 2
Adieu False HeartWAZO County WarblersSourceEnsemblePaul
Adieu False HeartPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Albert Farmer's Bonfire TunePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Albert Farmer's Bonfire TunePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Albert Farmers Bonfire TuneThe BismarksSourceFiddle 3Paul
Ali Oidak PolkaGu'Achi FiddlersSourceLevel 4Paul
Allons a LafayetteHector Duhon; Octa ClarkSourceLevel 4Paul
Allons a LafayetteJoe Falcon; Cleoma BreauxSourceLevel 4Paul
Amelia's WaltzRodney & Randy MillerSourceFiddle 4Paul
Allons a LafayettePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 2Paul
Angeline the BakerPaul TylerDemoVariousLevel 1Paul
Angeline the BakerUncle Eck DunfordSourceEnsemblePaul
Arkansas TravelerLee StonekingSourceFiddle 3Paul
Arkanasas TravelerColby MaddoxDemoMediumLevel 2Colby
Arkanasas TravelerColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 2Colby
Arrington's BreakdownSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Arttun PolkkaArto JarvelaDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Avalon QuickstepNarmour & SmithSourceEnsemblePaul

- B -

Banjo TrampWard JarvisSourceEnsemblePaul
Banks of the OhioBlue Sky BoysSourceEnsemblePaul
Bass in the HollowPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Bass in the HollowPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Bastringue, LaJean Carignan and Alan MillsSource--Level 3Danny
Beatrice Hill's 3-Hand ReelOld Swan BandSourceFiddle 4Paul
Beatrice Hill's 3-Hand ReelPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Beatrice Hill's 3-Hand ReelPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Been All Around This WorldPaul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Been to the East Been to the WestLeake County RevelersSourceEnsemblePaul
Bell CowHarvey "Pappy" TaylorSourceEnsemblePaul
Bell CowIndian Creek Delta BoysSourceLevel 4Paul
Bell CowPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Belle of LexingtonPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Belle of LexingtonEmmett LundySourceFiddle 4Paul
Big BearJohn ArcandSourceFiddle 4Paul
Big Hoe DownDanny MillerDemoSlowLevel 3Danny
Big Woods WaltzPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Bile 'em Cabbage DownMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3MariaB part
Bile 'em Cabbage Down - GrasshopperMaria McCulloughDemoSlowLevel 1MariaShuffle
Bill Katon's TuneCharlie WaldenSourceFiddle 4Paul
Billy in the LowgroundPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Billy in the LowgroundClay SmithSourceFiddle 4Paul
Billy WilsonIll-Mo BoysSourceFiddle 3Paul
Blackberry BlossomFrank HallSourceFiddle 4Paul
Black-eyed SuzyDanny MillerDemoSlowLevel 2Danny
Black Eyed SusieClassDemoSlowEnsembleSteve
Black-Eyed SusiePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 1Paul
Black Velvet WaltzChirps SmithSourceFiddle 4Paul
Boatin' up the SandyDouble Decker String BandSourceEnsemblePaul
Boatin' up the SandyPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
BoatsmanFranklin GeorgeSourceEnsemblePaul
Boil 'em CabbageJoe EdwardsSourceFullSpecialtyColby
Boil Them CabbagePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 1Paul
Boil Them CabbagePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 1Paul
Boil Them CabbagePaul TylerDemoFullLevel 1Paul
Boil Them Cabbage Down - VariationColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 1 RepColby
Bonaparte Crossing the RhinePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 1Paul
Bonaparte Crossing the RhinePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 1Paul
Bonaparte Crossing the RhineSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Bonaparte Crossing the RhineFuzzy Mountain String BandSourceOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Bonaparte's MarchPaul TylerDemoMediumOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Bonaparte's RetreatColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 3Colby
Bonaparte's RetreatColby MaddoxDemoFullLevel 3Colby
Bonapartes RetreatWilliam SteppSourceFiddle 4Paul
Breaking Up ChristmasPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 2Paul
Breaking Up ChristmasSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Breton Wedding MarchBoys of the LoughSourceFiddle 4Paul
Brian Buru's MarchDemoMediumnot_enteredColby
Briar Picker BrownBuddy ThomasSourceFiddle 4Paul
Brickyard JoeDoc RobertsSourceLevel 4Paul
Brickyard JoePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Brickyard JoePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Broken Down GamblerPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulFiddle
Brushy ForkColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpecialtyColby
Brushy ForkSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Brushy ForkKenny SidleSourceEnsemblePaul
Bucking DunK.C. KartchnerSourceEnsemblePaul
Buffalo GalsColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 1Colby
Buffalo GalsColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 1ColbyShuffle
Buffalo GalsTommy JacksonSourceLevel 2Paul
Buffalo GalsPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2
Buffalo GalsPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Buffalo GalsPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Buffalo GalsPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Buffalo Gals [Key A]Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulKey of A
Buffalo Gals [Key A]John HatcherSourceEnsemblePaulKey of A
Buffalo Gals [Key A]Steve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulKey of A
Buffalo GirlsMaria McCullough DemoMediumFiddle 4Maria
Buzzard RoostKen SmelserSourceLevel 2Paul
Buzzard RoostPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Buzzard RoostPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Buzzard RoostPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Bye-Bye My Honey i'm GoneLotus DickeySourceFiddle 3Paul
By The WaterfallWalter HojkaDemoMediumFiddle 4Walter
Bye-Bye My HoneySteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Bye-Bye My HoneySteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul

- C -

C Scale and PentatonicMaria McCulloughTechniqueSlowFiddle 3MariaKey of C
Caballito, ElMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3Maria
Caballito, ElMaria McCulloughDemoSlowLevel 3MariaParts
Cajun TunePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Calhoun Swing, TheSam HackerSourceLevel 3Paul
Calhoun Swing, TheMelvin WineSourceLevel 3Paul
Calhoun Swing, ThePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Calico CornPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Calico CornChirps SmithSourceEnsemblePaul
Can You Dance a Tobacco HillBruce GreeneSourceEnsemblePaul
Can You Dance a Tobacco HillSteve RosenDemo3 speedsLevel 3Steve
Cat's Got the Measles, TheWalter Smith and Posey RorerSourceEnsemblePaul
Celeya PolkaGu-Achi FiddlersSourceLevel 4Paul
Celeya PolkaMaria McCullough & Paul TylerDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Chased Old SatanDouble Decker String BandSourceEnsemblePaul
Chased Old SatanWoodie BrothersSource--EnsemblePaul
Chase the SquirrelVolo BogtrottersSourceEnsemblePaul
Che RiderePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Che RiderePaul TylerDemoFullFiddle 3Paul
Chere BassettePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Chere BassetteBalfa BrothersSource--Level 4PaulFiddle Breaks
Cherokee ShuffleColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpecialtyColby
Cherokee ShuffleSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Cherokee Shuffle (cross-tuned)Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paulslow and medium
Christmas EveSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Christmas EveSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
CindyVolo BogtrottersSourceLevel 2Paul
CindyPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
CindyPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
CindyPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Cirereta, LaMaria McCulloughDemoMediumMaria
Cirereta, LaPaul Tyler and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 4Maria
Cleveland Is ElectedJim Willie PruittSourceEnsemblePaul
Cleveland Is ElectedPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulFiddle
Cleveland Is ElectedPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulBanjo
Clinch Mountain Backstep - slowColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
Clinch Mountain Backstep - mediumDemoMediumFiddle 2Colby
Clinch Mtn. Backstep - rhythm trackColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 2Colby
Cluck Old HenPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Cluck Old HenPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Cluck Old HenPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
MeriweatherClyde DavenportDemoEnsemblePaul
Coal TattooColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Colás, ElMaria McCullough & Paul TylerDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Come Along Little ChildrenMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Coming Through the RyePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Coming Through the RyeLyman EnloeSourceFiddle 3Paul
ConscriptionVillieux de BournonaisSourceFiddle 3Paul
ConscriptionPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Cora DyeDanny MillerDemoMediumLevel 3Danny
Cotton-Eyed Joe (long version)Bob WillsSourceFiddle 2Paul
Cotton-Eyed Joe s (long version)Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 2Paul
Cotton-Eyed Joe m (long version)Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 2Paul
Cotton-Eyed Joe mf(long version)Paul TylerDemoFullFiddle 2Paul
Cotton-Eyed JoePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Cotton-Eyed JoePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Cotton-Eyed JoeDykes Magic City TrioSourceEnsemblePaul
Cotton-Eyed JoeLyricsEnsemblePaul
Cotton-Eyed Joe [Key A]Paul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4PaulKey of A
Cotton-Eyed Joe [Key A]Paul TylerDemoFullLevel 4PaulKey of A
Cotton-Eyed JoePaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoFullEnsembleSteve
Cotton-Eyed Joe [Key A]Steve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Cotton-Eyed Joe [Key A]Noah BeaversSourceEnsemblePaul
Cowhide BootsSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Cowhide BootsLyman EnloeSourceEnsemblePaul
Cowhide Boots [banjo]Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaulBanjo
Cripple CreekTommy Jarrell and Kyle CreedSourceLevel 2Danny
Cripple CreekDanny MillerDemoSlowLevel 2Danny
Cripple CreekPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 1Paul
Cripple CreekPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 1Paul
Cripple CreekMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2Mariakey of G
Cripple CreekColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colbykey of G
Cripple Creek-shuffledColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colbykey of G
Cripple CreekMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 1 RepMariaKey of A
Cripple Creek (banjo)Paul BrownSourceEnsemblePaul2-finger style
Crooked StovepipePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Crossing Kitty RockSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Crossing Kitty RockTabEnsembleSteve
Cucaracha, LaMaria McCullough and Yahvi PichardoDemoMediumLevel 2MariaFiddle and Guitar
Cucaracha, LaTrio OllinSourceFullFiddle 2Maria
Cuckoo's NestPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Cuckoo's NestPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul

- D -

D ScaleMaria McCulloughTechniqueSlowLevel 1Maria
Dance JossieRoom 211 Stompersnot_enterednot_enterednot_enterednot_entered
Deer Hunting SongJohn ArcandSourceEnsemblePaul
Devil in the HaystackPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Devil in the HaystackPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Devil in the HaystackIndian Creek Delta BoysSourceFiddle 3Paul
Der EinfacheFiddle 4 ClassDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Devil in a Straw SackSteve RosenDemo3 speedsLevel 3Steve
Dickey's Discovery/White River BottomsPaul Tyler and Michael MilesSourceLevel 3Paul
Dickey's DiscoveryLotus DickeySourceFiddle 4Paul
Did You Ever See the DevilFiddling Powers & FamilySourceEnsemblePaul
Did You Ever See the DevilLyricsEnsemblePaul
Dill Pickle RagPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Doctor DoctorSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 2Steve
Doctor DoctorSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 2Steve
Do A DeerPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 1Paul
Do A DeerPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 1Paul
Dog Treed a 'PossumSteve RosenDemoSlowFiddle 2StevePart A
Dog Treed a 'Possum up a White Oak TreeSteve RosenDemoSlowFiddle 2Steve
Dog Treed a 'Possum up a White Oak TreeSteve RosenDemoFullFiddle 2Steve
Don't Get Troubled in Your MindSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Don't Get Troubled in Your MindFrank Blevins & His Tarheeled RattlersSourceOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Don't Mind the Weather, So the Wind Don't BlowVolo BogtrottersSourceFiddle 4Paul
Don't Mind the Weather So the WindVolo BogtrottersSourceFiddle 4Paul
Down the PikeLotus DickeySourceEnsemblePaul
Dry and DustyOtis ReynoldsSource--Level 2Paul
Dry and DustyPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Dry and DustyChirps SmithSourceFiddle 2 RepPaul
Ducks on the MillpondMatt BrownDemoSlowFiddle 2Matt
Dustanburgh RantRuth Ball and Maria McCulloughDemoFullFiddle 4MariaNorth Umbrian Tune
Dusty MillerColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 3Colby

- E -

East VirginiaColby MaddoxDemoFullLevel 3Colby
East Virginia_basicColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 3Colby
East Virginia_variationsColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 3Colby
Eighth of JanuaryPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 1PaulSimple
Eighth of JanuaryPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepPaul
Eighth of JanuaryPaul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Elk River BluesSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
EvansvillePaul TylerDemoFullFiddle 4Paul
EvansvillePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Everybody Two-StepPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Everybody Two-StepPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Everybody Two-StepRoane Country RamblersSourceFiddle 4Paul
Exercise in GColby MaddoxTechniqueSpecialtyColbyPlain
Exercise in GColby MaddoxTechniqueSpecialtyColbyAccent
Exercise in GColby MaddoxTechniqueSpecialtyColbyAccent 2 & 4

- F -

Fall on my KneesClassDemoMediumEnsembleSteve
Falls of Richmond_slowColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 3Colbyvariations at end
Falls of Richmond_mediumColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 3Colbyvariations at end
Fire on the MountainIsham MondaySourceEnsemblePaul
Fisher's Hornpipe_slowColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 3Colby
Fisher's Hornpipe_mediumColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 3not_entered
Fisher's Hornpipe_fastColby MaddoxDemoFullFiddle 3Colby
Fisher's HornpipePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Five Miles from TownIndian Creek Delta BoysSourceEnsemblePaul
Five Miles from TownJesse James AbbottSourceEnsemblePaul
Five Miles from TownSteve Rosen & Paul TylerdemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Flop Eared MulerosenDemoSlowFiddle 1 RepColby
Florida BluesColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 4Colby
Florida BluesColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 4Colby
Florida BluesColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 4Colby
Florida BluesColby MaddoxDemoMediumLevel 4Colby
Flowers of EdinburghPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Flowers of EdinburghLotus DickeySourceFiddle 4Paul
Flowers of EdinburghPappy TaylorSourceFiddle 4Paul
Flowers of EdinburghPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Fly Around My Pretty Little MissPaul TylerDemoVariousLevel 2Paul
Forked DeerCharlie BowmanSourceFiddle 4Paul
Forty Miles from GeorgetownBenny WoodsSourceFiddle 2 RepPaul
Freight TrainWalter Hojka and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3Maria
French Canadian TuneSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3Steve
French Canadian TuneSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Frosty MorningFuzzy Mountain String BandSourceLevel 3Paul
Frosty MorningPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Frosty MorningPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Ft. Smith BreakdownSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
FriarvalsinArto Järvelä DemoMediumLevel 3Maria

- G -

GajdaPaul Tyler and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
GardebylatenPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Garfield's Blackberry BLossomEd MorrisonSourceFiddle 4Paul
Gaspé ReelJean CarignanSourceLevel 2Paul
Gaspé ReelJes Kroman and Morten Alfred HøirupSourceLevel 3Danny
Gaspé ReelDanny MillerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
George Holland's Tune, aka Love My Wife As Well as Anybody...Danny MillerDemoFiddle 2Danny
GilsawPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoFullEnsemblePaul
GilsawPete McMahanSource EnsemblePaul
Girl I Left BehindPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Girl I Left BehindPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Girl I Left BehindPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Give the Fiddler a DramPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Going Across the SeaColby MaddoxDemoSlowspecialtyColby
Going Down to CairoFiddle 2 Class of '09DemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Going Down to CairoMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Going Down to CairoPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3PaulTwo Speeds
Going Down to CairoHands OnDemoMediumFiddle 2not_entered
Going Down to Cairo - SlowHands OnDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
Golden SlippersPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Golden SlippersPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Golden SlippersMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2MariaHarmony
Golden SlippersMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2MariaHarmony
Golden SlippersPaul Tyler and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 4PaulEnsemble Version
Golden SlippersPaul Tyler and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Goodbye Girls, i'm Going to BostonGeoff Dolce and Maria McCulloughDemoEnsembleGeoffKey of A and A Mixolydian
Gran Blas, ElLa Orquestina Del FabirolSourceLevel 4Paul
Gran Blas, ElPaul Tyler and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Great Big House in New OrleansJason McInnes and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumEnsembleJasonFiddle and Guitar
Great Big Taters in Sandy LandPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Green Fields of AmericaStella ElamSourceLevel 3Paul
Green Fields of AmericaPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Green Fields of AmericaPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Green Mountain PetronellaPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Green WillisFuzzy Mountain String BandSourceLevel 3Paul
Green WillisPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Green WillisPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Green WillisSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Green WillisTaylor KimbleSourceEnsemblePaul
Grey EagleColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyPaul, ColbyMandolin
Grey EagleColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyPaulFiddle
Green WillisPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Growling GrumblingColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 3Colby
Growling GrumblingColby MaddoxDemoFastLevel 3Colby
Growling Old Man, Grumbling Old WomanSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3Steve
Grub SpringsW.E. ClaunchSourceEnsemblePaul

- H -

HagbergPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Hagberg & BingsjöMatit Ja MaijatSourceLevel 4Paul
Hallelujah i'm a BumMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 1Maria
Handsome MollyColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 3Colbybasic then fancy
Hangman's ReelAlbert HashSourceFiddle 4Paul
Hangman's ReelPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Happy HollowMarcus MartinSourceLevel 4Paul
Happy HollowPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Happy HollowPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Harrison's FollyPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Harrison's FollyPaul TylerDemoFullFiddle 4Paul
HashualKids Fiddle 4 ClassDemoFullFiddle 4Maria
Hast Schottische voicesPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Hell Against the Barn DaoorIll-Mo BoysSourceEnsemblePaul
Henry Ford Sotiisii [Key G]Arto Jarvela and Steve RosenDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Henry Ford Sotiisii [Key D]Arto JarvelaDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Henry Ford Sotiisii [Key D]Arto JarvelaDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Henry Ford Sotiisii [Key G]Arto JarvelaDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Hop High LadiesMaria McCullough and Jonas FriddleDemoMediumFiddle 3Maria
Hop High Ladies
Horse and BuggyArt StamperSourceEnsemblePaul
Horse and BuggyPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Hulttiahon sotiisiErkki MetsapeltoSourceLevel 4Paul
Hulttiahon sotiisiArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Hulttiahon sotiisiArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 4PaulChording

- I -

I Am a PilgrimColby MaddoxDemoFullMandolin 3ColbyMandolin
I Don't Love NobodyClayton McMichenSourceEnsemble/td>Paul
I Still Miss SomeoneMaria McCulloughTechniqueSlowFiddle 3MariaKey of C
Ida RedJim BowlesSourceFiddle 2Paul
Ida Red-2 temposPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 1 RepPaul
Ikko IkkoJonas Friddle and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumEnsembleJonas
*i'm On My Way Back-70BIABTechniqueSlowSpecialtyKeithMandolin
*i'm On My Way Back-110.mp3BIABTechniqueSlowSpecialtyKeithMandolin
In the PineMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3Maria
Inchapikua (Las Mariposas)Maria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMariaKey of G
InchapikuaMaria McCulloughDemoFullLevel 4Maria
InchapikuaMaria McCulloughDemoFullLevel 4MariaHarmony
Indian CornChirps Smith & Stephanie ColemanSourceLevel 3Paul
Indian CornPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Indian CornPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Indian Corn [harmony]Arto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Indiana Tea WoodchuckJohn SalyerSourceLevel 4Paul
Indiana Tea WoodchuckPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Indiana Tea WoodchuckPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
IntiaanimaissiArto JarvelaSourceFiddle 4Paul
Irish WasherwomanPaul TylerDemoSlownot_enteredPaul
Irish WasherwomanPaul TylerDemoMediumnot_enteredPaul
Ise the ByeMaria McCullough and Walter HojkaDemoMediumLevel 2Walter
I's the ByJason and MariaDemoMediumEnsembleFrom the Family Barn Dance Songbook, Key of D, guitar and fiddle

- J -

J'Atai au BalPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
J'Atai au BalPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Jack of DiamondsSam HackerSourceEnsemblePaul
Jack of DiamondsPaul Tyler & Steve RosenDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Jack WilsonJohn SalyerSourceLevel 4Paul
Jack WilsonPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Jack WilsonPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Jack WilsonPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4PaulADAD
Jaime Allen and Salmon Tails Up the WaterHexham Gathering, Tap and Spile SessionDemoFullFiddle 4MariaEnglish Tunes
Jake GillyPaul TylerDemoSlowOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Jake GillyPaul TylerDemoMediumOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Jambalaya - slowColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
JambalayaColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 2Colby
Jay BirdColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
JaybirdPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Jaybird-Shuffle AboutPete SutherlandSourceFiddle 4Paul
Jay Bird Died of the Whooping CoughJohn AshbySourceEnsemblePaul
Jay Bird Died of the Whooping CoughPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Jaybird Died with a Whooping CoughPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Je Suis OrphelinPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Jeff CityPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Jeff CityPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Jeff SturgeonPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Jeff SturgeonJohn SalyerSourceFiddle 4Paul
Jenny Ran Away in the Mud in the NightPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Jenny Ran Away in the Mud in the NightMarcus MartinSourceFiddle 4Paul
Jimmy in the SwampPaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Jimmy in the SwampBob WaltersSourceEnsemblePaul
Jimmy JohnsonWard JarvisSourceLevel 4Paul
Jimmy JohnsonMelvin WineSourceLevel 4Paul
Jimmy JohnsonPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Jimmy JohnsonPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Jimmie JohnsonSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Jimmy SuttonMaria McCullough and Mark MitchellDemoMediumLevel 1Maria
John Lovers GoneAlan JabbourSourceLevel 3Paul
John Lovers GonePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Johnny Don't Come Home DrunkBob WaltersSourceEnsemblePaul
Johnny Don't Get DrunkSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 2Steve
Johnny Don't Get DrunkSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 2Steve
Johnny Don't Get DrunkOwen "Snake" ChapmanSourceEnsemblePaul
John Ryan's PolkaPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
John Ryan's PolkaPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 3Paul
John's FarewellJohn ArcandSourceFiddle 2Paul
Jolie BlonPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Julie Ann JohnsonEmmett LundySourceEnsemblePaul
Julie Ann JohnsonSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Jump in the Well Pretty Little MissDanny MillerDemoMediumLevel 3Danny

- K -

Katie Bar the DoorPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Katy ClineRed Fox ChasersSourceEnsemblePaul
Katy ClineLyricsEnsemblePaul
Kers Pers PolskaPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Kers Pers PolskaPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Kers Pers PolskaPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Kissakallion ylitysArto JarvelaDemoMedium
Kitchen GalColby MaddoxDemoSpecialtyColbyFiddle
Kitchen GalColby MaddoxDemoSpecialtyColbyMandolin
Kitchen GirlSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemomedEnsemblePaul
Knockin' at the Kitchen DoorJim ReedSourceEnsemblePaul
Kolhon PolskaArto JarvelaDemoMedium
Koputus PolkkaArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 3, Specialty
Kwela Jonas Friddle and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumEnsembleJonas
Kwela MelodyJonas Friddle and Maria McCulloughDemoMediumEnsembleJonas

- L -

Ladies on the SteamboatBurnett & RutherfordSourceEnsemblePaul
Lady of the Lake 1-3Pete SutherlandSourceFiddle 4Paul
Lady of the Lake 1-3Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Lady of the Lake 1Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Lady of the Lake 2Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Lady of the Lake 3Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Lake Arthur StompMiller's MerrymakersSourceLevel 4Paul
Lake Arthur StompPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Lazy JohnMaria McCulloughDemoMediumMariain G
Leather BritchesPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Leather BritchesPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Leather BritchesDavid HallSourceLevel 3Paul
Leather BritchesPaul TylerTechniqueSlowLevel 4Paul
Leather BritchesPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Leather BritchesLotus DickeySourceLevel 4Paul
Leather BritchesTommy JacksonSourceLevel 3Paul
Leather BritchesColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Les Raber's Durang's HornpipePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Les Raber's Durang's Hornpipe-Varsal's TuneLes Raber & Paul GiffordSourceFiddle 4Paul
LibertyBob WillsSourceEnsemblePaul
LibertyTommy JacksonSourceEnsemblePaul
LibertyLloyd KiltsSourceEnsemblePaul
LibertyDavid HallSourceSpecialtyPaul
Little BirdyFrank Hamilton and Jason McInnesDemoJasonKey of G
Lili Harbres WaltzFantastic Toe TrippersSourceLevel 4Paul
Little Betty BrownPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Little Betty BrownPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Little Billy WilsonPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Steve
Little Billy WilsonPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Little Brown JugPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 1Paul
Little Brown JugPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 1Paul
Little Brown JugPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 1Paul
Little Dutch GirlEarl CollinsSourceEnsemblePaul
Little Dutch GirlSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Little Dutch GirlPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 2Paul
Little Liza JaneJ.P. FraleySourceLevel 2Paul
Liz Carrol's PolkaPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Liza JaneMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2MariaKey of A
Liza Jane (Big Liza)Taylor KimbleSourceEnsemblePaul
Liza Jane (Big Liza)Steve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Liza Jane (Big Liza)Steve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Liza JanePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Liza JanePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Liza JanePaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Liza JaneFiddle 2 Class of 09.2DemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Liza JaneJ.P. FraleySourceFiddle 2Paul
Liza Jane - SlowHands OnDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
Liza Jane -MediumHands OnDemoMediumFiddle 2Colby
Liza Jane - FastHands OnDemoFullFiddle 2Colby
Log ChainLonnie SeymourSourceEnsemblePaul
Log ChainLonnie SeymourSourceEnsemblePaul
Lonnie PolkaGu'Achi FiddlersSourceFiddle 4Paul
Lonnie Polka & Celeya PolkaGu'Achi FiddlersNotationFiddle 4Paul
Lonnie PolkaPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Lost IndianBob HoltSourceEnsemblePaul
Lowery's QuadrillePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Lulu Likes 'em YoungSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
LyckonskanNordik TreeSourceLevel 4Paul
LyckonskanTorsten Pärus & Valter EnlundDemoLevel 4Paul
LyckonskanPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul

- M -

Maalarin franssin sotiisiArto JarvelaDemoMedium
Maalarin franssin sotiisiArto JarvelaDemoMediumHarmony
Machair at DawnCharlie McKerronDemoMediumFiddle 1 RepPaul
MadeleinePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
MadeleinePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
MagpieFuzzy Mountain String BandSourceLevel 3Paul
MagpiePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
MagpiePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
MagpiePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3PaulFiddle, Banjo
Mandolin Blues in ABand in a BoxTechniqueMediumSpecialtyKeithMandolin
Mandolin Blues in CBand in a BoxDemoMediumSpecialtyKeithMandolin
Mandolin Blues in DBand in a BoxTechniqueMediumSpecialtyKeithMandolin
Mandolin Practice in AKeith BaumannTechniqueSlowSpecialtyKeithMandolin
*Mandolin Warmup in A-75BIABTechniqueSlowSpecialtyKeithMandolin
*Mandolin Warmup in A-90BIABTechniqueSlowSpecialtyKeithMandolin
Mariposa, LaPaul Tyler & Maria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Mary Wants a LoverFoghorn StringbandSourceLevel 3Steve
Mary Wants a LoverSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3SteveA part
Mary Wants a LoverSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3SteveB part
Mason's ApronSteve RosenDemoLevel 3Steve
Masurkka from EräjärviArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Meg GreyVolo BogtrottersSourceFiddle 4Evan
Merry BlacksmithPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Merry BlacksmithPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4PaulOrnamented
MeriweatherPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
MeriweatherPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 4Paul
Merry BlacksmithPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Midnight on the WaterColby MaddoxDemoFullFiddle 3Colby
Minnie Put the Kettle OnSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Minuet after Matti HaudanmaaArto JarvelaDemoMediumSpecialtyWalter
Mississippi SawyerColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 1 RepColby
Mississippi Sawyer-SlowHands OnDemoSlowFiddle 1 RepColby
Mississippi Sawyer - MediumHands OnDemoMediumFiddle 1 RepColby
Mississippi Sawyer - FastHands OnDemoFullFiddle 1 RepColby
Mississippi Sawyer - FastHands OnDemoFullFiddle 1 RepColby
Missouri MudBob HoltSourceFiddle 4Paul
Molly Put the Kettle OnSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3Steve
Molly Put the Kettle OnSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Molly Put The Kettle OnMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMaria
Monkey in a Dog CartLeake County RevelersSourceEnsemblePaul
Monkey in a Dog CartPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoEnsemblePaul
*Monroes Hornpipe-75BIABTechniqueSlowSpecialtyKeithMandolin
*Monroes Hornpipe-100BIABTechniqueMediumSpecialtyKeithMandolin
Mud FenceWilliam SteppSourceEnsemblePaul
Mud FencePaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Muddy RoadsSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 2 RepPaul
Muddy RoadsSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullFiddle 2 RepPaul
My Cape Breton HomeTim CostelloeDemoLevel 4MediumPaul

- N -

Nail That Catfish fiddleSteve RosenDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Nail That Catfish to the TreeVolo BogtrottersSourceEnsemblePaul
Nail That Catfish banjoSteve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Nail That Catfish mandolinSteve RosenSourceEnsemblePaul
Nancy RowlandPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Needle CaseSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 2Steve
Needle CaseSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 2Steve
Needle CaseSteve RosenDemoSlowFiddle 2Steve
needlecasesmrDemoMediumFiddle 2Steve
New Autumn_SlowVictor AlmgrenDemoSlowFiddle 3Colby
New Autumn_FastVictor AlmgrenDemoMediumFiddle 3Colby
New MoneyPaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
New MoneyPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
New Riggit ShipBoys of the LoughSourceFiddle 3Paul
Ninth of JanuaryBob HoltSourceFiddle 4Paul
Ninth of JanuaryPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Ninth of JanuaryPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Halling (from 1500s)Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepPaulNorwegian dance tune

- O -

Oak Ridge StompSteve RosenDemoFiddle 3Steve
Oh My Little DarlingThadeus WillinghamSourceFiddle 3Paul
Oh My Little DarlingVolo BogtrottersSourceFiddle 2 RepPaul
Oklahoma RoosterPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Old Baldy Kickin UpSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3Steve
old baldy kickin upsmrDemoMediumFiddle 4Steve
old baldy kickin upsmrDemoSlowFiddle 4Steve
Old BobDonald DuffSourceFiddle 4Paulaka Walter Harmon's Hornpipe in C
Old Dan TuckerAl Hopkins & his Buckle BustersSourceEnsemblePaul
Old Greasy CoatEdden HammonsSourceLevel 4Paul
Old Greasy CoatPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Old IndianaPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Old IndianaBob HoltSourceEnsemblePaul
Old JoeBob WaltersSourceFiddle 3Paul
Old Joe Clark-slowColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
Old Joe Clark-fastColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 2Colby
Old Ladies Pickin' ChickensSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Old Ladies Pickin' ChickensSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Old Molly HarePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 1Paul
Old Molly HarePaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 1Paul
Old MosePaul tylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Old Mother LogoPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Old Mother LogoPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Old ShawneetownMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Old Jimmy SuttonG.B. GraysonSourceEnsemblePaul
Old Jimmy SuttonLyricsEnsemblePaul
Old Jimmy SuttonDanny MillerDemoSlowLevel 2Danny
Old Joe ClarkColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 2ColbyVersion 1
Old Joe ClarkColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 2ColbyVersion 2
Old Joe ClarkMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Old Joe ClarkFiddle 2 Class of '09DemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Old Joe ClarkPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Old Joe ClarkPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Old Johnny BookerMel DurhamSourceEnsemblePaul
Old Johnny BookerPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Old Johnny Booker (duet)Steve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Old Johnny Booker (duet)Steve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Old MissouriDanny MillerDemoMediumLevel 3Danny
Old Mother FlanaganPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Old Mother FlanaganFuzzy Mountain String BandSourceLevel 3Paul
Old Mother FlanaganPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Old Mother FlanaganPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 3Paul
Old Mother FlanaganPaul TylerDemoFullFiddle 3Paul
Old Mother FlanaganPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Old Yellow DogCharlie AcuffSourceEnsemblePaul
Old Yellow DogSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
On Top of Old SmokyPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 1Paul
On Top of Old SmokyPaul TylerSourceMediumFiddle 1Paul
Ookpik WaltzGeoff SeitzSourceLevel 4Paul
Oyster River Horn PipePaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul

- P -

Panhandle RagColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 2Colby
ParadiseMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 Repnot_enteredKey of D
The Penny Song - Key of CRoom 211 Stompersnot_enterednot_enterednot_enterednot_entered
Perla Tamaulipeco, LaOsiris CaballeroSourceLevel 4Paul
Perla Tamaulipeco, LaOsiris CaballeroDemoSlowLevel 4PaulBajo - Bass
Perla Tamaulipeco, LaOsiris CaballeroDemoSlowLevel 4PaulAlto - High
Perrodin Two-StepAl BerardSourceLevel 3Paul
Perrodin Two-StepAngelas LeJeuneSourceLevel 3Paul
PetronellaPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Petronella-Green Mountain PetronellaRodney & Randy MillerSourceFiddle 4Paul
PetronellaPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Pig Ankle RagLes RaberSourceFiddle 4Paul
Pig Ankle RagPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Pistol Packin MamaAl Dexter & His TroopersSourceFullSpecialtyColby
La Pollo PintaFelipe ValleSourceFiddle 2Paul
PollonesaArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Polly Put the Kettle OnSteve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Polska #1 (unnamed)Arto JarvelaDemoMediumSpecialtyWalter
Polska #2 (unnamed)Arto JarvelaDemoMediumSpecialtyWalter
Possum Hunt on Stumphouse MountainSkillet LickersSourceEnsemblePaulVersion 1
Possum Hunt on Stumphouse MountainSkillet LickersSourceEnsemblePaulVersion 2
Possum in the WellPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Possum in the WellPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Possum in the WellPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 3Paul
Prairie Du Rocher MotionIndian Creek Delta BoysSourceEnsemblePaul
Prairie Du Rocher MotionPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Prairie Du Rocher MotionPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Prairie Du Rocher MotionSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Pretty Little GalGerry HarrisonSource--EnsemblePaul
Priazhan KatrilliPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paulin C
Priazhan KatrilliPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 4Paulin G
Priazhan KatrilliPinan PojatSourceLevel 2Paul
Pull Back JigPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Pull Back JigSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Puncheon FloorEsker HutchingsSourceEnsemblePaul
Put Your Old Shoes OnPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepPaul

- Q -

Quadrille des AncetresJean-Pierre JoyalSourceFiddle 4Paul
Quadrille des AncetresPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Quadrille des AncetresPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Quadrille Canadienne, 5th changePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Quadrille Canadienne, 5th changePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Quadrille Canadienne, 5th changeIsidore SoucySourceFiddle 4Paul

- R -

Ragtime AnnieCorn Cob CrushersSourceFiddle 4Paul
Ragtime AnnieEck RobertsonSourceFiddle 4Paul3 parts
Ragtime AnniePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Ragvalsin valssiArto JarvelaDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Ragvalsin valssiArto JarvelaDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Raha PolskaArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Raha PolskaErkki MetsapeltoSourceLevel 4Paul
Rattle TrapEasy Street String BandSourceEnsemblePaul
Red-haired BoyPaul TylerDemoMediumOld-Time EnsemblePaul
Red Haired Boy- slow, fastColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
Step Around JohnnyRed Mountain White TrashSourceFiddle 3Paul
RedwingPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Reed House RantHexham, Tap and Spile SessionSourceFullFiddle 4MariaSo fun!!!!
Reel des EboulementsPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Reel des EboulementsPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Reel des EboulementsJoseph BouchardSourceFiddle 4Paul
Reel des Eboulements in APaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paulkey of A
Reel des Eboulements in APaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paulkey of A
Reel du DiableLisa OrnsteinSourceFiddle 4Paul
Reel du DiablePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Reel du DiablePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
La Reel de JoiDewey BalfaSourceFiddle 3Paul
Reel du MontrealLouis BeaudoinSourceLevel 4Paul
Reel du MontrealPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Reel du MontrealPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Reel Ti-BouWalter HojkaDemoMediumFiddle 4Walter
Ricketts HornpipeSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Rickett's HornpipePaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Right and Left SixLes RaberSourceEnsemblePaul
Right and Left SixPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Road to BostonPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
RoanokeColby MaddoxDemoSlowMandolin 2ColbyMandolin
Rochester SchottischeMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMaria
Rock the Cradle JoeBabe SpanglerSourceFiddle 4Paul
Rocky Mountain GoatCliff GrossSourceEnsemblePaul
Rocky Road BluesColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpecialtyColby
Rocky Road to JordanChirps SmithSourceEnsemblePaul
Rocky Road to JordanSteve Rosen and Paul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Ronfleuse Gobeil, LaJean CarignanSourceFiddle 4Paul
Ronfleuse Gobeil, LaPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
The RoutPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Ruffled DrawersBob RodgersSourceEnsemblePaul
Ruffled DrawersSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Run Down BootSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Run Down BootGarry HarrisonSourceEnsemblePaul
Run Johnny RunPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 1Paul
Run Johnny RunPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 1Paul
Run Johnny RunPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 1Paul
Run Johnny RunSteve RosenDemoSlowFiddle 2Steve
Run Johnny RunSteve RosenDemoMediumFiddle 2Steve
Rush and the PepperGarry HarrisonSourceMediumFiddle 4Paul
Rush and the PepperPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Rush in the PepperSteve RosenDemoMediumFiddle 3Steve
Rush and the PepperJesse James AbbottSourceEnsemblePaul
Rye StrawClayton McMichenSourceEnsemblePaul
Rye StrawPaul Tyler and Steve RosenDemoMediumEnsemblePaul

- S -

Saddle Old KateSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Saddle up the GreyNew Lost City RamblersSourceEnsemblePaul
Saddle up the GreyPaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Sail Away LadiesUncle Bunt StephensSourceLevel 3Danny
Sail Away LadiesArtie P CrowderSourceEnsemblePaul
Sail Away LadiesPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Sail Away LadiesPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Sail Away LadiesPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Sally AnnColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 3Colby
Sally AnnColby MaddoxDemoMediumLevel 3Colby
Sally Ann (low)Colby MaddoxDemoMediumLevel 3Colby
Sally GoodinColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Sally GoodwinErnest StonemanSourceOld TimeKahle Brewer; fiddle
Sally GoodinColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpecialtyColbyFiddle
Sally in the GardenColby MaddoxDemoFullFiddle 2Colby
Sandy BoysDanny MillerDemoLevel 3Danny
Sandy Boys (regular tuning)Danny MillerDemoSlowLevel 3Colby
Sandy BoysPaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Sandy BoysPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Sandy Boys (cross-tuned)Paul TylerDemoFullFiddle 3Paul
Sandy River BelleColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpeicaltyColby
Sandy River BelleColby MaddoxDemoFullSpeicaltyColby
Sandy River BellDad Blackard's MoonshinersSourceLevel 3Paul
Sandy River BellPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Sandy River BellPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Saturday Night BreakdownSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Scandinavian tunesPaul TylerNotationFiddle 4Paul
ScotlandColby MaddoxDemoSlowMandolin 3ColbyMandolin
SängknarrenArto JarvelaDemoPaul
Seconding ChordsArto JarvelaTechniqueMediumLevel 3Paul
Seneca Square DancePaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Seneca Square DanceBunkhouse OrchestraSourceEnsemblePaul
Shady GroveFiddle 2 Class of '09DemoMediumLevel 2Maria
Shady GrovePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 3Paul
Shady GrovePaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 3Paul
Shady GroveAlan JabbourSourceFiddle 3Paul
Shady Grove (A major)Volo BogtrottersSourceEnsemblePaul
Sheep Shell CornEmmett LundySourceEnsemblePaul
Shove the Pigs Foot in a Little FartherMarcus MartinSourceEnsemblePaul
Silent NightMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMariaKey of D
Silver SpearIrish Musicians AssociationSourceFiddle 4Paul
Simple GiftsColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 1Colby
Single Footin HorseArthur SmithSourceEnsemblePaul
Single Footin' HorsePaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Single Footin' HorsePaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulDuet
Ain't That Skippin' and a-Flyin'Bob DouglasSourceEnsemblePaul
Smash the WindowHomer PoitrasSourceFiddle 4Paul
Snake Chapman's TunePaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4PaulADAD
Snake Chapman's TunePaul TylerDemoFullFiddle 4PaulADAD tuning
Snake River ReelSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullEnsemblePaul
Snouts and Ears of AmericaChirps SmithSourceFiddle 4Paul
Soldier's JoyMaria McCulloughDemoSlowLevel 2Maria
Soldier's JoyColby MaddoxDemoSlowLevel 2Colby
Soldier's JoyColby MaddoxDemoMediumLevel 2Colby
Soldier's JoyMaria McCulloughDemoSlowLevel 2Maria
Soldier's JoyPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 2Paul
Soldier's JoyFiddlin’ John CarsonSourceLevel 2Paul
Soldier's JoyChirps SmithSourceLevel 2Paul
Soldier's JoyPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Song of the Doodle BugGeorgia Yellow HammersSourceEnsemblePaul
Sormi (Finger) polskaArto JarvelaDemoMediumPaul
Sourwood MountainPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 1Paul
Sourwood MountainPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 1Paul
Sourwood MountainPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 1Paul
Speed of the Plow, ThePaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Speed of the Plow, TheJohn SalyerSourceLevel 4Paul
Spotted PonySteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Spotted PonyPete McMahanSource--Level 2Paul
Spotted PonyMaria McCulloughDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
Spotted PonyMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Spotted PonySteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
Spotted PonySteve RosenDemoSlowFiddle 2Steve
Squirrel HuntersSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 3Steve
Squirrel HuntersSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Stambaugh WaltzDouble Decker String BandSourceFiddle 4Paul
StealingColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpecialtyColby
StealingColby MaddoxTechniqueMediumSpecialtyColbyfiddle rhythm
The Story of the MississippiErnest StonemanLyricsEnsemblePaul
The Story of the MississippiVolo BogtrottersSourceEnsemblePaul
Strawberry PointColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Stay All NightPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Stay All NightPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 3Paul
Stuntar valsinArto JarvelaDemoPaul
Sugar HillEmmett LundySourceLevel 4Paul
Sugar HillPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Sugar HillDanny MillerDemoMediumLevel 3Danny
Sugar HillDanny MillerDemoFullLevel 3Danny
Swallowtail JigMandolin 1 RepertoireDemoMediumMandolin 1 RepColbyMandolin
Swallowtail JigMandolin 1 RepertoireDemoSlowMandolin 1 RepColbyMandolin
Sweet Sunny SouthSouthern BroadcastersSourceEnsemblePaul
Syrjälän Heikias Maito polkkaArto JarvelaDemoMediumSpecialtyWalter

- T -

Tater BlossomNoah BeaversSourceEnsemblePaul
Tater BlossomPaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Tater BlossomPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Tennessee WaltzColby MaddoxDemoFullFiddle 3Colby
Texas GalesColby MaddoxDemoMediumLevel 3Colby
Texas QuickstepSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
That's My Rabbit My Dog Caught ItSteve RosenDemoSlowEnsemblePaulBanjo
That's My Rabbit My Dog Caught ItSteve RosenDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
This Land is Your LandFiddle 2 Class of 09.2DemoSlowLevel 2Maria
Tim BrooksCarver BoysSourceEnsemblePaul
'Tit Galop pour MamouPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
'Tit Galop pour MamouPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
'Tit Galop pour MamouPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4PaulLow Tuning
'Tit Galop pour MamouDewey BalfaSourceLevel 4PaulBreak
'Tit Galop pour MamouSteve RileySourceLevel 4PaulBreak
Tom DooleyPaul TylerDemoFullEnsembleSteve
Too Young to MarrySteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 2 RepPaul
Too Young to MarrySteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoFullFiddle 2 RepPaul
Tous les SoirPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Turkey in a Pea PatchSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
Turkey in the Pea PatchSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Turkey in the StrawPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
TwinkleMaria McCulloughDemoSlowLevel 2MariaHarmony
Two-Step de L'Anse aux PaillesPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Two-Step de L'Anse aux PaillesPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paulsimple version

- U -

Union Maid_D_plainColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Union Maid_D_plainColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Union Maid_D_fancyColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Union Maid_D_fancyColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtynot_entered
Union Maid_D_plainDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Union Maid_G_plainColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Union Maid_G_fancyColby MaddoxDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Up and Out We GoMary AllsoppSourceFiddle 2 RepPaul

- V -

Valse De Cherokee, LaZoe and JeanDemoFullLevel 2Maria
Valse De Gabriel et Rosalee, LaDennis McGee and Sady CourvilleSourceLevel 4Cajun
Valse de Gran Bois, LaPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Valse de Gran Bois, LaPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4PaulLow Tuning
VengerickIndrek Kalda & Tiit KikasSourceLevel 4Paul
Viento, ElMaria McCullough & Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Viento, ElTrio OllinSourceFiddle 4Paul

- W -

Waiting for the FederalsPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Waiting for the FederalsPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come a-Draggin'Volo BogtrottersSourceFiddle 2 RepPaul
Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come a -DragginVolo BogtrottersSourceFiddle 2Paul
Walk Old Shoe (3 tempos)Paul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 2Paul
Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come a-Draggin'Paul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 2Paulsimple version
Walking in the ParlorPaul TylerSourceSlowFiddle 2Paul
Walking in the ParlorPaul TylerSourceMediumFiddle 2Paul
Wandering BoyFrank JenkinsSourceEnsemblePaul
Wandering BoyPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulFiddle
Wandering BoyPaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaulBanjo
Washington's MarchEdden HammonsSourceLevel 4Paul
Washington's MarchBurl HammonsSourceLevel 4Paul
Washington's MarchPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
Washington's MarchPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Stay All NightPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Way Over Yonder_slowColby MaddoxDemoSlowSpecialtyColby
Ways of the World, TheWilliam SteppSourceEnsemblePaul
Ways of the World, TheSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
WaynesburghDoc RobertsSourceFiddle 4Paul
WaynesburghPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
WaynesburghPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Wedding PolkkaArto JarvelaDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
Westphalia Waltz slowPaul TylerDemoSlowFiddle 4Paul
Westphalia Waltz mediumPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
West Fork Galls (Alan Jabbour's)Hollow Rock String BandSourceFiddle 4PaulNot the standard tune by that name.
West Fork GalsFranklin GeorgeSourceLevel 2Paul
West Fork GalsPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 2Paul
West Fork GalsPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 2Paul
West Fork GalsSteve RosenDemoSlowLevel 2Steve
West Fork GalsSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 2Steve
West Fork GalsSteve RosenDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
West Fork GalsFuzzy Mountain String BandSourceOld-Time EnsemblePaul
When Things Go Wrong With YouColby MaddoxTechniqueMediumSpecialtyColbyfiddle rhythm
When Things Go Wrong With YouColby MaddoxTechniqueMediumSpecialtyColbymandolin rhythm
Whiskey Before BreakfastPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
Whiskey Before BreakfastPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
Whiskey Before BreakfastElizabeth LambertiDemoMediumLevel 3Steve
White River BottomsPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 3Paul
White River BottomsPaul TylerDemoMediumLevel 3Paul
White River BottomsPaul TylerDemoFullLevel 3Paul
Whoa Back BuckVolo BogtrottersSourceEnsemblePaul
Wikstromin Aatun SigareArto JarvelaDemoMediumSpecialty
Wikstromin SchottischArto JarvelaDemoMediumSpecialtyColby
Wild Horse at Stoney PointCharlie Poole & the North Carolina RamblersSourceEnsemblePaul
Wild Horse in the Red BranchIsrael WelchSourceEnsemblePaul
Wild Horse in the Red BranchIsrael WelchSourceEnsemblePaulKey of C
Wild Horse at Stoney PointJ.W. DaySourceEnsemblePaul
Wild Horse at Stoney PointSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Wild HorseHector PhillipsSourceEnsemblePaul
Wild HorsePaul TylerDemoSlowEnsemblePaul
Wild HorsePaul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Wildwood FlowerColby MaddoxDemoSlowFiddle 2Colby
Wildwood FlowerMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMariaKey of C
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMariaKey of G
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMariaKey of G
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenMaria McCulloughDemoMediumFiddle 2 RepMariaKey of G
Winder SlideSteve Rosen & Paul TylerDemoMediumEnsemblePaul
Wind that Shakes the BarleyColby MaddoxDemoMediumFiddle 2Colbykey of D
Wind That Shakes the BarleyChirps Smith & Stephanie ColemanSourceFiddle 2 RepPaulAmerican version
Won't Get Drunk No MoreIndian Creek Delta BoysSourceEnsemblePaul
Woodchoppers' ReelPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul
Worried Man BluesMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 1Maria
Worried Man BluesFiddle 1 - Fiddle InterpretationDemoMediumLevel 1Maria

- X Y Z -

Yellow-Eyed CatLotus DickeySourceLevel 4Paul
Yellow-Eyed CatPaul TylerDemoSlowLevel 4Paul
You Are My SunshineFantastic Toe TrippersDemoMediumLevel 2Maria
You Are My SunshineMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3MariaMelody
You Are My SunshineMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3MariaHarmony
You Are My SunshineMaria McCulloughDemoMediumLevel 3Mariain D Melody and Harmony
You Are My SunshineMaria McCullough & Paul TylerDemoMediumLevel 4Paul
You Married My DaughterPaul TylerDemoMediumFiddle 4Paul