Mandolins are compact, versatile and fun! Our mandolin classes welcome beginners and experienced players!

The mandolin has found a home in many styles of music: bluegrass, swing, jazz, old time, classical, folk, and rock. Because of its small scale and violin-like tuning, the mandolin is perfect for learning fiddle tunes and melodies. Guitarists will find that mandolin rhythm skills complement their existing technique.

Mando-Friendly Ensembles »

Music is more fun with others! Our core mandolin program teaches you how to jam and perform with other instruments and vocalists. Many of our ensemble classes that feature mando players can be found here under "Country & Traditional Ensembles."

Country & Traditional Ensembles »   

Four-String Improvisation for Mandolin »

New for the May/June 2018 session! This class is for you if you want to join one of Old Town School's ensemble classes, or you simply want to join a jam but you don't know what notes to play.

[Note: this class is cross-listed with Fiddle. Follow the link here to find the listing!]

Four-Stringed Improvisation - Fiddle and Mandolin »   

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