Introduction to the Mandolin

$202 ($192 members) · 80 minutes · Weekly for 8 weeks

The mandolin has found a home in many styles of music: bluegrass, swing, jazz, old time, Irish, classical, folk and rock. If you love the sound of a mandolin and have never played a stringed instrument before, this class if for you. The focus will be on beginning level skills like holding the instrument, making notes sound out clearly, identifying notes, learning different rhythms and playing with the beat. During class, you will build accompaniment parts to several different songs and discover the basic types of accompaniment that work for mandolin.  By the end of this class, you’ll also be learning simple melody parts and will be ready to move on Mandolin 1.

Take this class if you are new to playing instrumental music and want a gradual introduction to the mandolin. If you have some experience playing another instrument, consider starting with Mandolin 1.


No experience necessary.

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Mandolins are available for rent or purchase at the Old Town School Music Stores.

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