Banjo Classes

Explore a World of Banjo Bliss!

Our banjo classes are divided into three main styles: Clawhammer, Old-Time Two Finger, and Bluegrass. If you are not sure which style to play, try Introduction to the Banjo and get a taste of all three styles in one eight-week class.

Old Time Banjo: Beyond the Bum Ditty Workshop »

Explore the versatile nature of the banjo and go beyond the bum ditty in this workshop with Brad Kolodner. Two tunes will be taught as a vehicle for exploring a variety of techniques and ideas including but not limited to bass-lines, chord substitutions, going up the neck, triplet pull-offs, syncopated and melodic drop-thumb, fretting the fifth string, back-up ideas, and achieving good tone. While the workshop is geared towards intermediate and advanced players, all levels are welcome.

Old Time Banjo: Beyond the Bum-Ditty »   

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