Exceptional Wiggleworms!

$20 ($20 members) · 55 minutes · Weekly for 1 week · 6 months - 6 years

Is your child sensitive to noise but loves music? Are you concerned that your child’s still developing ability to communicate affects his/her participation in a group class? Did you ever wonder if Wiggleworms was a good fit for your child? Exceptional Wiggleworms is specifically designed to support children with a range of sensitivities and their families!

Music opens communication and language development as it accesses the entire brain in a way that words alone cannot. In this co-taught Wiggleworms class, teaching artists weave together the positive experience of music and multisensory learning to explicitly build social-emotional and communication skills. The class has a carefully designed and predictable structure-implemented by teaching artists, trained and educated in the field of special education. The small class size and 4:1 student teacher ratio allow for individualized understanding and support. The class is open to all and creates a safe, celebratory space for developing young children and their families.

As the children progress, teaching artists work on sustaining attention, engagement in a learning moment, and shared connections between children, teachers, and parent-caregivers. This class was lovingly designed in partnership with an occupational therapist to bring structure and increased sensory activities to meet the specific needs of our students. Come celebrate your child’s sense of self and have some musical fun with other children and families!


Open to all!

Special Info

Made possible with support from and special thanks to The Lakshmi Foundation. Siblings are welcome to join this class. Please email Erin Flynn at eflynn@oldtownschool.org if you are bringing a sibling.

Class Schedules and Availability

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