$150 ($140 members) · 45 minutes · Weekly for 8 weeks

Grown-ups, it’s time to join your children’s musical play and strike up the family band! Learn the basics of the ukulele while your little one backs you up on percussion instruments. The ukulele is a wonderfully accessible instrument to have in the home — and a perfect place to begin your musical journey on a stringed instrument. The chord formations translate directly to the 6-string guitar. What an amazing way to bring the music into your home and family as you model learning an instrument and to fill your days and nights with music making.

You will leave the first class playing a song and throughout the class you will build your repertoire of joyful songs to share with your family. As the grown-ups practice the ukulele, children will sing, dance, and explore small percussion instruments. Children are also invited to bring their own ukulele from home so they can play too!

Baritone `ukuleles are available for purchase in the Old Town School Music Stores. Register the adult for this class! Kids’ three and younger come along.

Prerequisites: No experience necessary.

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