Traditional Throat Singing of Central Asia

$25 ($24 members) · 90 minutes · Single meeting

Join Tamir Hargana, originally from Mongolia for this unique workshop exploring traditional and contemporary music from the Central Asian steppes. Tamir will demonstrate the technique of traditional throat singing (khoomii), and explain the background and differences between the Mongolian and Tuvan style. He will also demonstrate how to accompany throat singing with traditional instruments such as the horse head fiddle (moriin khuur), Tuvan fiddle (igil), Tuvan lute (doshpuluur), and Mongolian lute (tovshuur). Participants will have a chance to practice the throat singing technique and work towards getting their voices to produce an overtone.

Tamir Hargana is an expert in Central Asian music. He graduated from Inner Mongolia University Arts College and has won awards and competitions for throat singing in Mongolia, Tuva, Xilingol, and China. He has recently completed his Masters in Music from Northern Illinois University.


No experience necessary. Open to all.

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