Honky-Tonk Fiddle

$25 ($24 members) · 90 minutes · Single meeting

Learn the secrets of honky-tonk fiddling by dissecting an iconic fiddle solo from a legendary recording and discussing the elements one can use to improvise solos on country songs. We'll use master fiddlers Tommy Jackson and Rufus Thibodeaux to inspire our own playing, and enjoy attempting their lush double stops and bluesy breaks on the myriad recordings they made with Hank Williams and George Jones. Bring a recording device along with your fiddle, rosin, and bow.


Comfort with the following major scales will be helpful: C, G, D, and A.

Class Schedules and Availability

The Old Town School of Folk Music, Inc.
4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625  •  773.728.6000