Washboard Workshop: “Grab A Board & Rub”

$25 ($24 members) · 80 minutes · Single meeting

Become a washboard percussionist in this engaging workshop led by washboard wizard Barb Silverman. Hands-on skills will cover basic four-count rhythm patterns common to jug band, swing, old-time, and cajun/zydeco. We'll start with simple patterns and build to more complex ones, working on differentiating the right-hand embellishments from the left-hand steady rhythm. Techniques will range from the shuffle pattern to slow-quick combinations to triplets. Take the challenge and rub your way to stardom.

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Bring a big washboard of your own (preferred) or we may be able to loan a limited number of our little ones (please contact slundius@oldtownschool.org if you need one) and all students bring metal thimbles, metal fingerpicks, or two metal bottle openers.)

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