Rockabilly Ensemble

$206 ($196 members) · 80 minutes · Weekly for 8 weeks

Explore one of the earliest and most vibrant styles of rock and roll the way it is meant be played, in an ensemble setting! A combination of R&B mixed with country influences, songs by Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and the Everly Brothers as well as current artists like Brian Setzer, Big Sandy, and Dwight Yoakam will be covered.  All instruments and singers welcome. Waxed sideburns and raunchy tattoos are optional.


Guitar 3 ability. Intermediate ability on other instruments.

Instruments: Bass, Bass-Upright, Drum Kit, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone

Class Schedules and Availability

The Old Town School of Folk Music, Inc.
4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625  •  773.728.6000