Near Eastern Ensemble

$206 ($196 members) · 80 minutes · Weekly for 8 weeks

Since early times from silk roads and spice bazaars to Andalusian mountains and Saharan stars, musical ideas, forms, and instruments were exchanged and have been evolving ever since. Discover the folk and classical repertoire of music from the Middle East, North Africa, and near eastern neighbors. Experiment with the Maqam (Middle Eastern scale system) and the dramatic rhythmic and melodic arrangements.


Basic music theory on your instrument. Ability to read charts is a plus but is not required.

Special Info

Oud, guitars, violins and other strings, mandolin, woodwinds, nay, kanun, baglama, buzuki, and most hand percussion instruments welcome. Please feel free to e-mail if you are interested in joining and do not see your instrument listed.

Instruments: Accordion, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Bouzouki, Oud, Percussion

Class Schedules and Availability

The Old Town School of Folk Music, Inc.
4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625  •  773.728.6000