Core Level Guitar Classes

A great place to start or hone basic skills while having fun and meeting other folks.

The backbone of the Old Town School experience since its inception in 1957, our Core Guitar classes provide solid musical background using traditional and popular styles in a friendly casual group environment.

Core guitar classes (Guitar 1 - Guitar 4) meet once a week for 80 minutes followed by the Second Half, where all levels join together to play a handful of tunes from our Songbook and more. There are class options every day of the week, mornings, evenings, and weekends - one is sure to fit your schedule.

Click for the “How to Choose the Right Core Guitar Class” PDF.

Click for the Session 4 core guitar class schedule PDF.

If you'd like some guidance with regards to which class or what level to enroll in, please contact our Guitar Program Manager Jimmy Tomasello at 773.751.3371.

You may ask, “Hey, what's this class Beyond Guitar 3?” Good question. It's a class we set up to accommodate folks who want to continue their studies during weekday morning classes and at our Armitage location where space is somewhat limited.

Visit the folks in the Old Town School Music Store to purchase the Songbook and to get your guitar ready for the first day of class.

Study Guitar and More Weekday Mornings »

Where else but the Old Town School Of Folk Music will you find a rich program of Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Harmonica and Voice classes available on weekdays! Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 AM walk through our halls and hear the sounds of singing, strumming and sawing. Gospel, Folk, Old Timey, Pop, Rock, Blues you name it, someone is teaching it and others are learning with joy.

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Don't Miss the 6 String Social every Friday »

Meet other folks who want to get together to play music. Each Friday one of our teachers offers a stack of songs covering a theme or artist or era of pop culture. A few recent themes include Psychedelic '60s, Woodstock Singalong, Newport 63, and Western Swing. Hey it's good fun even if you don't play an instrument. Come on down! Every Friday at 7:00 PM. $10 gets you in and includes copies of all the tunes played. 6 String Socials occur at 4545 N. Lincoln Avenue.

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Lead Guitar Basics »

Make the leap from strumming your guitar to learning how to solo. Work on scales and distinct fingerings that will enable you to improvise and express melodic ideas. It's a lifelong journey and this is the ideal place to start. Electrics or acoustics are welcome. This session classes are offered Wednesday at 8pm or Friday at noon.

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