Teachers at the Old Town School

David Downs

David Downs keeps himself busy as a painter, illustrator, and book publisher. He’s very excited about being part of the community at Old Town School, where he teaches painting and comic book illustration classes. For over 10 years, David has taught classes and workshops within various Chicago organizations, for kindergarteners through adults. 

A forever learner and researcher, David attended STLCC as a photography major, SAIC for fine arts, and workshops and residencies with Spudnik Press, MOMA, MCA, Mana Contemporary, and Marwen. He is an accomplished painter in realism and abstraction and enjoys experimenting with different textures, mediums, and application techniques in oil paint.

While living in NYC, David became connected to a few budding comic book illustrators, which rekindled a childhood love of comics. Upon moving to Chicago, that interest grew into self-publishing, commercial work, and teaching. It also led to the creation of a small press art book publishing company with seven releases and an international arts magazine to be released in 2018. 

David is greatly looking forward to meeting new faces at Old Town School while teaching, learning, exploring, and collaborating together! You can learn more about him and his work at www.davidpauldowns.com and www.sprocketboxpublishing.com.

Started at the Old Town School in November of 2017

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