Teachers at the Old Town School

Celeste Cifala Roy

Wiggleworms Program

As an early childhood music teacher there is far more going on in a Wiggleworms classroom than music and movement. Of course Celeste teaches rhythm. She teaches feeling the beat in and through the body. She teaches gross motor movements through dancing up and on our feet. She teaches fine motor movements through fingerplays. She teaches language through poems and chants. She teaches socialization and cooperative learning skills. She teaches imagination and the freedom to express it without judgment. She teaches the parents how to play again through their children. This is one of the greatest gifts we receive from our young children.
And most importantly she teaches having fun through music!

Celeste loves being with her four adult children, Ben, Alex, Stephen and Nina, ages 28-19. She’s a passionate gardener and has planted over a dozen trees in her yard that are now 30+ feet tall. She loves swimming in the ocean with her best friend and husband, Rene. She is an avid practitioner of yoga and a dancer. She loves a good book. And she loves beer. She recently received an award from Bright Horizons, where she teaches toddlers in Evanston, in Excellence in Care and Education. She is the proud director and owner of Everybody Move, Inc. where she has been teaching young children and their families for 17 years.

“Celeste is amazing. We absolutely love her!” and “Celeste is a wonderful teacher, very engaging with both adults and children. She's very creative with her activities and inclusive of all the participants at whatever level they're comfortable.”--Wiggleworms Parents

Education: BFA in Dance from Florida State University

Started at the Old Town School in July of 2014

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