Teachers at the Old Town School

Tina Stasny

Go-Go Dance

Tina Stasny brought the go-go craze to the Midwest after seeing The World Famous Pontani Sisters perform their Go-Go act in 2002. She taught weekly classes at the Flamenco Arts Center from 2005-2007, and founded Chicago's first go-go dance troupe, The Janes. Her dance credentials include a minor in Phys. Ed at Purdue University, master classes with Lar Lubovitch and Twyla Tharp, and bellydancing since 1997 under the instruction of Jasmin Jahal, Stephanie Barto, and Princess Farhana of Hollywood. Tina has been go-go dancing professionally in clubs since 1987 and has taught numerous workshops around Chicagoland (including the Old Town School). From West African to Mexican Zapateado, Tina has dabbled in every type of dance and thus lends her diverse dance experience to this modern form.

Education: B.A., Purdue University

Started at the Old Town School in January of 1998

Group Classes for the session beginning 03/02/2020

Go-Go with Tina Stasny

In the late ‘60s, the Beatles and other pop heroes embraced music traditions from Asia and the Middle East, blended it with Western pop music, and created a new, groovy look and sound that became the psychedelic era. In Go-Go, you’ll learn ponies and jerks from the earlier days and blend them with exotic and fluid Eastern movements to create unique choreographies for songs from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s by groups such as the Beatles, the Kinks and Jimi Hendrix – plus some far out beats from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome, but check with a doctor if you have any concerns – we sure can work up a sweat! Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes if you need support. (Go-Go boots are not required, but if you’d like to try them out toward the end of the session, go-go boot safety will be addressed.)

$170 ($150 members)

03/05/2020 – 04/23/2020 (8 meetings)

Thursdays · 8:30 PM – 9:50 PM · 4545 N Lincoln Ave