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Teachers at the Old Town School

Steven Hemmy

Steven is a relaxed teacher who views music as a landscape to be explored rather than a ladder to climb. As such his approach is like that of a guide, with an emphasis on dialogue and helping the student reach their personal musical goals. He approaches music practice much like meditation with a focus on maintaining a calm balanced state of mind while achieving effortless action in playing. Most importantly, he tries to make sure the element of joy is always present.

Steven grew up listening to his father, a talented pianist and violinist, practicing almost daily. Not surprisingly, Steven asked at age six to study piano and, two years later, to study violin. Music has permeated his life ever since.

Having received a music scholarship competing in a concerto competition on violin, Steven attended the University of Wisconsin. Feeling limited by the purely-classical university approach, however, he turned to the study of jazz and blues piano, songwriting, and improvisational techniques. After graduating, Steven lived and taught in Lampang, Thailand, for a year. While there he gave lessons on piano and violin to members of the Lampang community.

Moving back to Chicago after his year abroad, Steven now performs, records, and teaches piano and violin to students of all ages.

Started at the Old Town School in August of 2021

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