Teachers at the Old Town School

Meg Nally

Little Drummers

Meghan Nally is a music educator from Sweet Home, Chicago. Music has been in Meghan’s life for as long as she can remember. During high school and college she explored instruments such as the flute, tuba, and voice and found an additional passion for musical theatre. Loving every new musical path she took, Meghan decided to become a teacher and spread the joy music brought her; for a great philosopher once said, “It is better to illuminate than merely to shine”.

She currently teaches elementary and middle school general music in Chicago, and hopes to inspire her students to find the music that makes their own hearts sing. She served as a pilot classroom for personalized learning, which tailors the educational experience to each child’s learning needs and interests which she feels is vital, especially in music. She also recently received her Level 1 Kodaly certification from DePaul University graduate school; and roots her early elementary teaching in singing folk songs and games for an experiential approach to learning musical concepts. Outside of teaching, Meghan has performed with the Old Town School Community Chorus and Music Theatre Ensemble, The Tuba Christmas Ensemble, The St. Alphonsus Church Choir, The Community Renewal Chorus, and with Mark Dvorak (who taught her guitar) at the Uri-Eichen Gallery in Pilsen for their exhibition on the 2012 Teacher's Strike.

Started at the Old Town School in June of 2015

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