Teachers at the Old Town School

Maura Lally


Maura began taking classes in the summer of 1996 and was immediately hooked - taken by the thrill of playing and singing and doing so with new pals. Ten years later, she was proud to be hired as a teacher at the Old Town School. Since that time she's team taught an ensemble class, "Celebrating Tradition" where she and Peggy Browning emphasize learning by ear, working out arrangements with the students, passing on stories and songs and stressing the joy that making music brings.

Maura is one of the founding members of the acoustic trio, "The Pickin' Bubs" whose sound is rooted in traditional music, from country, to blues, to gospel, old time and folk ballads and carried on in their originals.

Maura places an emphasis on listening, participation, good sound, laughter and enjoyment in making music with one another.

Started at the Old Town School in March of 2005

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