Teachers at the Old Town School

Linda Robertson

"As a teacher of young children, I believe my most important task is to teach them to love and be passionate about music. If I can instill that as a part of their life, practice will be ‘play’ for them as they grow older and learn an instrument. I think it is important for them to use their bodies, their voices, and their imagination as they participate in my classes, and I use interactive and participatory songs as much as possible. The relationship between myself, the children, and the adults who bring them, is also crucial to their learning. Each of your children is unique, and I honor their special contributions through out class.”

As a Wiggleworm teacher, Linda has delighted children and their families since 1995. She is a teaching artist in the Wiggleworms in Residence Program at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning in Chicago. Here, she teaches Wiggleworm classes for children and their teachers, provides music training for the staff, and reaches out to parents to join in singing.

Linda conducts music training workshops through Action for Children and AEYC for early childhood teachers and providers. Topics include How Children Grow through Music; Developing Relationships through Music; Children, Music and Diversity.

Through out the year, Linda performs (solo or with percussionist, James Warner) at festivals, libraries, schools, and parks, for children and their families. She is passionate about world music and uses, along with guitar, the African djembe drum, rainstick, and frog guiros.

In 2006 she came out with her first CD, Come and Go with Me, which was reviewed and recommended by the American Library Association. You can also find her singing on the Wiggleworms Love You CD.

Started at the Old Town School in February of 1996

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