Teachers at the Old Town School

Jessica Goldsmith Andreadis

Dance & Movement - Yoga

I began practicing yoga 8 years ago just to fill some time after graduating college. I loved my teacher and when I moved to Chicago immediately searched for a place to study with a more focussed intention. I found the Sivananda Yoga Center and spent many years developing my practice there. Around the same time I found OTS and became a student, taking all kinds of dance and movement classes. My yoga teacher suggested teacher's training, but I was not ready to realize my potential until a few years later. I spent 5 years teaching dance and yoga at the Near North Montessori school where I met amazing people and formed wonderful bonds with many children. The idea to pursue yoga full time kept entering my thoughts. Finally, I packed up my car and drove up to Montreal where I participated in an intense study and practice of yoga, completing my teacher certification in the summer of 2004. When I returned to Chicago I decided to join a wonderful community of teachers at the OTS and have been teaching yoga to adults and children there ever since. Teaching yoga at times brings me an overwhelming sense of joy. I love helping people realize their potential, as many others have done for me. My philosophy for teaching, and life in general, is to keep an open mind, listen to what your inner voice is telling you, and to not take things so seriously...have fun!

Started at the Old Town School in August of 2004

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