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Teachers at the Old Town School

Jane Hanna

Jane is a patient and fun teacher who brings a lot of humor, historical context, and a personal enthusiasm for music and learning to the table. Her classroom is always a relaxed and social environment where there's room for everybody — from the shy to the irreverent; the anxious to the confident; the beginner to the slightly rusty to the old pro. She is very attentive to every individual’s unique abilities and tastes, while encouraging a strong group dynamic. You’ll laugh a lot, get to know each other, figure things out as a team, and play a diverse array of tunes. You’ll make music...and friends!

Jane started playing piano as a Suzuki kid when she was barely 3 years old and can still do the bow. As she grew up, she started playing a little jazz organ, picked up the oboe, and did some singing (not at the same time). She’s also played in a handful of rather loud bands.

Started at the Old Town School in July of 2008