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Craig Davis Pinson

Music styles: Rock en Español, Indie/Alternative, Punk, Emo, Metal, Progressive Rock, Math Rock, Shoegaze & Dream Pop, Experimental

Guitar Techniques: Power Chords, Barre Chords, Strumming, Soloing, Hammer-ons and Pull-offs, Two-handed Tapping, Tremolo Picking, Advanced Voicings, Bowed Guitar & Experimental Techniques, Pedals

Ever wanted to play your favorite songs on guitar? Helping students of all levels play in styles they enjoy and learn the music that excites them is Craig’s passion as a teacher. His teaching emphasizes working from the interests of the students, complementing them with the technical knowledge necessary to achieve their goals. Since Craig is a native Spanish speaker, you can receive instruction in Spanish or dive deeper into the world of Rock en Español, regardless of your background.

Craig is a composer, improviser, and producer from Mexico City, Mexico, with a special passion for the electric guitar. His projects range from contemporary classical pieces for orchestral instruments, to improvised experimental music, to collaborations with singer-songwriters in various styles. As a writer, his research has focused on film scoring and sound design in Mexican cinema and on the social histories of popular music at large. Craig holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition and Music Technology from Northwestern University.

Songwriting, Classical Composition, Music Theory (Beginner to Advanced), Free Improvisation, Music Production

Started at the Old Town School in July of 2022