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Teachers at the Old Town School

Christopher Courtney

Hip-Hop Dance

Chris Courtney has been dancing Hip-Hop style of choreography since the year 2000. He started off as a B-Boy in 1998, and decided to educate himself in other styles of Hip-Hop dance. He began teaching in 2001 with the international Hip-Hop dance troupe Culture Shock Chicago (CSC). He later taught B-Boy breakdance Urban Styles and Forms at Columbia College Chicago, and has been an instructor at the Old Town School since 2002.

He has performed onstage with the likes of Stick and Move, Culture Shock Chicago, Life, Five Star Boogie, Formations, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Ce Ce Penniston, Camron, Common, and Kanye West.

Started at the Old Town School in June of 2004

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