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Teachers at the Old Town School

Bob Goins


Specializes in Chet Atkins fingerstyle technique

Bob started playing guitar in 1978 when his brother taught him "More Than A Feeling" on a little Concerto nylon string beater.  Not thinking to just ask for formal lessons, he sharpened his ears by learning rock/metal tunes "off the record player".  He began teaching music in junior high by scribbling chord and scale diagrams during class and handing them to friends between classes.  That's right, for gum.  Winding his way through classical, country, Hendrix and Zappa, he discovered Chet Atkins and "Travis Style" fingerpicking around 1990, which changed everything, again!  He's played guitar, bass, drums and other miscellaneous implements in countless bands since his first teen night club gig at 15 years.  His first employment as a music teacher was at Children's Music Association in Cincinnati from 1995 to 1997. He’s been here at Old Town School pickin’ and grinnin’ since 1998 and it’s been GREAT!

Education: Self-taught musician

Started at the Old Town School in March of 1998

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