Teachers at the Old Town School

Adrian Holovaty

Styles - Gypsy Jazz (Django Reinhardt Style)

Techniques - Gypsy Jazz Rhythm ("La Pompe"), Gypsy Jazz Lead Playing (Rest-Stroke Technique, aka Gypsy Picking).

Adrian has two main teaching philosophies. The first is to assume nothing: He goes into his classes expecting that students have no prior knowledge about gypsy jazz or jazz. The second is to encourage good practice at home: He tries to be clear about what to practice and how to practice it most effectively.

He’s performed gypsy jazz on stage with several of the greatest contemporary international players: Sebastien Giniaux, Adrien Moignard, Gonzalo Bergara, Joscho Stephan, Robin Nolan. His YouTube guitar videos have been viewed more than 17 million times. He created Soundslice, a web site that helps you learn songs. Apart from music, Adrian has started a few companies, spoken at conferences around the world, and written software that's used by millions of people.

Education: Bachelors degree in journalism from University of Missouri. No formal music education, but he’s studied gypsy jazz with dozens of people around the world. He’s attended Django In June, the annual gypsy-jazz music camp in Massachusetts, every year since 2007.

Started at the Old Town School in October of 2010

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