Concerts & Events

Saturday, October 19th & Sunday, October 20th

Third Coast Filmless Festival

A celebration of sound, story and the art of listening… in the dark

4545 N. Lincoln Ave. :: 773.728.6000

Online registration for the Third Coast Filmless Festival is now closed, but tickets (only, not passes) will be on sale at Old Town School beginning Saturday, October 19 at 9am, in the lobby of the east building, 4545 North Lincoln.

More detailed information available at the Third Coast International Audio Festival website »

Audio Screenings

Each screening presents a diverse mix of stories based on a theme.
Note: All screenings run both Saturday and Sunday, except for Re:vealing

Re:animate: Stories of critters and how we relate (or don't) to them. (dogs, warblers, horses, bees, snakes, octopi) Q&A with featured producer Lulu Miller (NPR's Science Desk, Radiolab).

Re:arrangement: Stories told in unusual ways. (remorse, space, miscommunication, elevation, bedtime, scripture) Q&A with featured producer Jonathan Mitchell (The Truth)

Re:lationships: Stories of lovers, fighters, family and friends. (optimism, risk, persistence, nostalgia, mileage) Q&A with featured producer Lea Thau (Strangers, The Moth).

Re:location: Stories of coming/going/being somewhere. (Mexico, Australia, Arizona, North Carolina, Belgium) Q&A with featured producer Laura Starecheski (State of the Re:Union). *contains mature content

Re:vealing: Stories of secrecy and silence, covering and uncovering. (nudity, ink, camouflage, the end(s), a telltale suitcase) Q&A with featured producer Roman Mars (99% Invisible). *contains mature content

Live Presentations

Behind the Scenes with the 2013 TC/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition Winners

Hosted by Glynn Washington (Snap Judgment)
The producers of the year’s best audio docs tell the stories behind the stories.

Radio Diaries Re:visited

Hosted by Joe Richman (Radio Diaries)
As teenagers they shared radio diaries about their lives, as grown-ups they catch us up to date. A lot of life happens in 16 years.


Interested in producing audio stories yourself? These basic how-to workshops will help you get there.

Interviewing with StoryCorps Chicago

Storytelling with Lea Thau (Strangers, The Moth)

Recording with Columbia College Chicago’s Radio Department

Podcasting with Roman Mars (99% Invisible)

Editing with Ayana Contreras (Vocalo)

Listening with Jennifer Brandel (Curious City, WBEZ)

Evening programs

Super Dinner + Drinks (for Super Passholders), Saturday, 5:45 – 7:15PM

ShortDocs Feast with host Gwen Macsai (Third Coast Festival’s Re:sound), and ShortDocs winners and chefs, Saturday, 7:30 - 9:00PM

Re:joice! The 2013 Third Coast Awards Celebration with emcee Glynn Washington (Snap Judgment), Sunday, 7:30 – 9:00PM

For more detailed information about the 2013 Third Coast Filmless Festival, visit the Third Coast International Audio Festival site.

The Old Town School of Folk Music, Inc.
4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625  •  773.728.6000