Songs of the Session

In an effort to recreate and honor a tradition that was begun back in 1957, when Frank Hamilton would teach the same song to different levels of players, we proudly present The Songs of The Session.

Each session two songs are chosen, one from the songbook and one from the general repertoire. All classes are encouraged to learn these tunes and apply the skills they are working on at their individual levels.

October - December 2017

We close out the year celebrating our 60th anniversary and our new education director Kim Davis. Kim chose the songs this session and they are both winners. We'll be playing "Cross Road Blues," which can be found on page 32 of our songbook. From one of the architects of rock & roll, Fats Domino, Kim has chosen the classic, "Ain't That a Shame."

"Cross Road Blues"

The legend of Robert Johnson has been the subject of books and several films. Did he meet the devil surrendering his soul in exchange for his blazing guitar technique? We invite you to check out our Resource Center which houses a rich collection of books and recordings telling the story of American Blues. "Crossroads" was made an anthem of sorts by the British band Cream in 1967. Johnson's original recording goes back to 1936, when he tracked 22 songs over three days in Room 414 of the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. The line "fell down on my knees" has strong meaning in our current state of the union.

Chart for "Cross Road Blues"

"Ain't That a Shame"

Antoine Dominique "Fats" Domino Jr. (February 26, 1928 - October 24, 2017) was born and lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, the cradle of American jazz and blues. From age 14, Fats entertained and composed a unique Creole-flavored rhythm and blues. "Ain't That a Shame," co-written with Dave Bartholomew, was released in 1955 and ranked in the Billboard Top 10. A cover by Pat Boone reached number 1 later that same year (so was the way of pop music in '50s America). It reportedly was the first song John Lennon ever learned on guitar! Elvis Presley said of Fats Domino, "That's the real king of rock and roll."

Chart for "Ain't That a Shame"

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