Songs of the Session

In an effort to recreate and honor a tradition that was begun back in 1957, when Frank Hamilton would teach the same song to different levels of players, we proudly present The Songs of The Session.

Each session two songs are chosen, one from the songbook and one from the general repertoire. All classes are encouraged to learn these tunes and apply the skills they are working on at their individual levels.

This session, our two songs were chosen by the Schools' newly appointed CEO Jim Newcomb. An avid guitar player and collector, Jim brings a fresh, positive outlook to his role as big cheese.

April – June 2019

"Careless Love"

From our songbook he has selected that universal lament "Careless Love" on page 25. The song has a long history of variations in folk , blues, and jazz traditions. Pete Seeger, whose centennial we celebrate this year, is among the artists who have recorded it. There are fabulous versions by Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Janis Joplin, Snooks Eaglin, Dr. John, and recently Madeleine Peyroux among many others.

Chart for "Careless Love"

"Waiting for the Sun"

Jim's choice from the outside world is "Waiting For The Sun" by the Jayhawks, an alt country standard from their 1992 album Hollywood Town Hall. Jim has hung a framed cover of the album in his office and says, "The Jayhawks were a seminal group in the development of midwestern alternative country rock. Lest we forget the originators of country rock, the Byrds whose founding member Jim McGuinn studied at the Old Town School in the '50s.

Chart for "Waiting for the Sun"