Teen Arts Camp: Class Descriptions

Camp 2020 classes are in the works! Check back periodically for updates! In the meantime, browse Camp 209 classes to get an idea of what we offer.

In Teen Arts Camp, 12 - 15 year olds connect and collaborate in an intimate and creative environment as they explore the arts at our 4545 North Lincoln Avenue location. Each session is two weeks.

Mixtape Musical with Liz Chidester


The term "jukebox musical" refers to musicals that are centered around the music of a particular artist, genre, or decade of music with a story built around the music, shows like Mamma Mia!, Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, and Million Dollar Quartet to name a few. We as a class are going to create our own "mixtape musical" with songs that we love and a story we want to tell. With our team of directors, writers, musicians, actors, and singers, we will create a new work by the end of our camp!

Horror Film Production with Sharon Krome


Camp gets campy as we create horror short films that are as scary as they are hilarious. Bird Box has nothing on this class as we learn screenwriting, acting, and filming techniques. By the end of our two weeks, we'll have a frightening film for all your friends to see. Get the fake blood and your best cackles ready!

Myk Check with Gregory Geffrard


"...hip-hop is the great language of the world right now; we're winning Pulitzers, we've got Hamilton. And if I can connect the dots between hip-hop and education, poetry and my theater background, and put it into a curriculum that in some way teaches [kids] to come out of their shells and speak about social issues, they'll not only become better emcees but they'll be learning at the same time and discovering another pathway that works if you put in the work." Mykele Deville, Feb 2019

Music tends to serve as one of the primarily reflections of the time we find ourselves in. Utilizing two of Mykele's most recent solo albums Maintain & Peace, Fam, in this course we will delve into an exploration of current social issues ranging from dehumanization to mental wellness and self love while seeking to cultivate a space for young people to find their voice. This lyric analysis based class will explore the immediate impact of the insidious local and national policies of our current administrations that shape our lives (mass incarceration, segregation, wealth disparities, mental health) as seen through the lens of Chicago native Mykele Deville.

Despite the fact our country has never felt more politically divided in my lifetime:
artists continue to find the resolve and courage to build amongst the unrest
artist continue to find peace
artist continue to maintain.

"the question is, what can we do once we know about these things? My [albums] may offer no clear answer but I think rap can become therapy for a lot of folks, especially for artists and for artists of color because we can't afford therapy most the time. We speak and heal through our art."

Stand Up! with Alex Kumin


Stand Up! will teach students the art of comedic storytelling over the course of a two week session. Participants will engage in a mixture of improv, standup and storytelling activities to craft a 2 minute original piece of comedy. In addition to learning the creative process behind standup and storytelling, students will also walk away with improved skills in public speaking and a greater sense of self confidence on and off the stage!

Animating the 90s with Sharon Krome


Move over "Hey Arnold!" there's a new cartoon in town. Using a mixture of live- action acting, illustrations, and stop-motion animation, we'll create short films inspired by the trendiest decade: the 90s! Whether filming a video for a Spice Girls tune, creating a short story, or animating an original boy band, the nineties are back and they've never been more animated!

Let's Move! with Deanna Myers


We already know that you enjoy playing music! But what about the way that music moves you? Literally? In this class, we'll explore the ways that dancers and movers experience music, and how it can help you become a well-rounded musician. Get ready to play games, get active, and learn about how taking risks can make you a better part of an ensemble!