Arts Camp: 7 -11 Year Olds - Class Descriptions

Led by Camp Leader JOHN HUBER and other Old Town School teaching artists, 7 – 11 year olds work independently and in groups as they explore the arts at our 4544 North Lincoln Avenue location.

Voice-Over Magic with Mary Tilden


Ever wonder who creates the voices for cartoon characters? Or how to change your voice to narrate a spooky scary story? In this class, we will learn all about using our voices as our main mode of expression in developing fun and powerful vocal warm-ups, practicing narrating stories, and playing around with how microphones can help make our voices change and mutate to sound like all sorts of different characters. Expect this class to make your voice loud, proud, and full of so many different sounds!

Meet Mary

The Music in Me with Jessie Pellowski


If you were a song, what kind of song would you be? What would you sound like as a song or jingle? How could the story of your life become music? Some of our best storytellers are musicians, AND some of the best stories are songs. In this class, we will explore many angles and genres of music through activities and games, and discover how they connects with our own personal stories. We will hear from some of the best storytellers of the past and the present, like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Chance the Rapper, and maybe even some Taylor Swift! Then, we'll translate our own autobiographies into music and discover what our lives sound like as songs.

Meet Jessie

Comics with Corinne Mucha


KA-POW! In this class, students will explore the creative world of comics, using assorted 2D materials. We'll practice various drawing and illustration techniques as we learn more about character, narrative, and setting. Students will work both independently and in groups to create their own amazing, unique stories, which will be printed into booklets or read live on stage.

Meet Corinne

Pairs with Barbie Silverman


Pairs is a carefree and creative exploration of famous (and infamous!) duos, including duos that are pals and duos that are opposites! We come across pairs every day in our language, our dress habits, our food, our behaviors and our entertainment. Consider these: night and day; shoes and socks; horse and buggy; peanut butter and jelly; Laurel and Hardy; it's endless. Pairs go on and on! We will explore pairs with quick brainstorming, then determine why some things go together and some are opposed but interdependent, and then we will explore it all in song, poetry, movement and dialogue.

Meet Barbie

Music Video Music with Alisa Rosenthal


Dust off your microphones and tease out your hair, because we're going to be watching and singing music from some of the most epic videos EVER from MTV and YouTube. Through improv games and movement activities, we'll learn how to come up with ideas to write songs, and then rehearse them to turn into a real music video! This class will be taught in collaboration with the Music Video Production class.

Meet Alisa

Music Video Production with Sharon Krome


What's more fun than watching music videos? Making them! In this class, we'll create music videos around your original music. With improv games right from Second City and screenings of iconic music videos, we'll make writing, directing, filming and editing a breeze. Whether you're looking to channel your inner Beyoncé or you prefer glam Hollywood musical theater, the videos we create will combine playful film-making with your passion for music making.

Meet Sharon

Crankies with Jess McIntosh


In this class, campers will be guided through the process of planning, creating, and performing this long-forgotten, but steadily-returning folk art called a "crankie." What is a crankie, you might ask? Jess can't wait to show you! Crankies are artistically handcrafted structures that serve as modes of storytelling and vessels of song, that were originally crafted to move imagery before the dawn of animation. Join us, and find out more!

Meet Jess

Ukulele with Liz Chidester


Do you love the sound of a 'ukulele? Do you currently play 'ukulele, or have you ever wanted to play with a group? No matter what your age or skill level, the 'ukulele is a perfect instrument to start or continue your musical journey. Rich with history and repertoire, this amazing, simple instrument has endless music-making possibilities! In this class, we will learn the basic chords and strums used to make many of your favorite modern pop tunes, as well as Hawaiian, Tin Pan Alley, and jazz tunes. All you need is peace, love, and 'ukuleles!

Meet Liz

Harmonica Orchestra with Jason McInnes


It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but the harmonica is an incredibly BIG and versatile instrument! In this summer camp class, students delve into three musical worlds: reading musical notation for classical melodies, playing by ear for folk melodies, and creating compositions through visual signals and written notation. Along the way, students will learn about the joys of making their own music and the history of great composers and musicians as diverse as Ludwig van Beethoven and blues harmonica player Sonny Terry.

Meet Jason

Love Is Cool with Sara Noori


What is love? If you could draw the feeling of love, what would it look like? Big or small, love can make for beautiful, fascinating art. In this class, we will explore the timeless cool of all the things we love. Fads come and go, but love is here to stay! Drawing inspiration from Pop artists like Keith Haring and Robert Indiana, we will create visual art that expresses your ideas on love, and taking cues from music and movies, we will explore the idea of love and its ongoing relationship to the concept of cool. Love has been inspiring artists for centuries, which is pretty cool, huh? So get ready to create what you love, and let your heart shine!

Meet Sara

Music Making Moves with Harjinder Singh


Just groove a little… you know you want to! This class explores the relationship of sound and movement as parts of the happening we call music. Each day in this class, we will use our voices, bodies, and instruments to develop our musicality and expression. We will focus on how drum-dance-song work together to make a super exciting and complete musical composition. Working in traditions from Ghana, Brazil, and Jamaica, we will sing, drum, and dance our way through the world!

Meet Harjinder

Y'Alla, Let's Play! With Meg Nally


In this virtual field experience, we will take a trip to Turkey, focusing on songs, instruments, and dance that are important in Turkish culture. Musicians will learn about topics such as turkish culture, usul (a common dance beat), Kasik Oyunu (the spoon dance), common instruments like the bendir and tambourine, hear from a culture bearer who regularly performs music from Turkey. Through listening and interacting with music from authentic Turkish sources, students will gain a depth of understanding of one type of middle eastern music. They will become familiar with Turkish musical elements and instrumentation and be able to actively engage in playing in this style.

Meet Meg