Arts Camp: 4 - 6 Year Olds - Class Descriptions

Camp 2020 classes are in the works! Check back in periodically for updates! In the meantime, browse Camp 2019 classes to get an idea of what we offer.

Circus Exploration with Emily Perkins


Run away and join the circus! We'll be bouncing, juggling, and clowning our way to the big top. This class will involve lots of games oriented around developing fundamental circus skills. We'll be learning how to hula hoop, do a forward roll, juggle, and more!

Storytelling and Tall Tales of America with Jake Degeneffe


The Tall Tales of American Folklore are some of the most widely recognized stories ever told. From the giant Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe, to the steel driving man John Henry, to Tennessee woodsman Davey Crockett, these characters and stories have become icons in American storytelling. Pull up a seat by the campfire, as we rediscover the magic of these classics together! Students will be riveted by the adventure of these stories, be encouraged to add their own tales to our story circle, and use their creativity through costumes and crafts to imagine their own folk heroes. Join us, and tell us your story!

Puppet Storytelling/Fables with Liz Chidester


Fables are long told stories with a moral center, mostly passed down orally through the generations. But fables don't have to be from long ago and set in distant lands! New fables can be told and lessons learned in our own backyard. Students will explore their voices, bodies, and puppet creations to tell a modern fable and a fable of their own creation!

Muppets, Magic, and Making Puppets with Jordan Stewart


Let's create together! From paper bag to finger to shadow puppets this artistically driven class will delve into how different materials can come together to create your very own eccentric collection of puppets. What will you do with these creations you ask? This class exists in conjunction with a puppetry class that will utilize these puppets to tell a story!

Storytime through Song with Julia Storke


Campers will collaborate to tell a story through movement and song. Using play, imagination and our own unique voices, we will use our ideas to culminate in a performance illuminated by graphic music score of our own creation. Come and join us for a unique and creative experience!

Paint it out! with Jordan Stewart


Have you ever wanted to create your own world? Think about how many things go into creating such a world: animals, plants, cars, houses, and so much more! Let's paint it out! In this class students will have the opportunity to create their own large-scale murals. Using shape, color, and music, we will discover how to bring the stories they are learning in school such as The Little Red Hen to life. So, get your paint brushes out and your creative energy ready, because we are about to make something spectacular!