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Fiddle Camp: Class Descriptions

Americana with Jess McIntosh

Jess's class will focus on American fiddle traditions from central Appalachia and rural Louisiana: two geographic centers where regional music has become a direct reflection of the place in which it's created. We will explore the lives that brought fiddles and other stringed instruments to this continent, bridging the gap between some of Anna's repertoire and ours. And of course we will learn most of this by simply hearing and playing the music!

Meet Jess

International Fiddle with Anna Jacobson

In Anna's International Fiddle class, students will learn tunes chosen from Anna's diverse library of fiddle tunes from around the world. Tunes could include those from Finnish, Irish, or French Canadian traditions, to name a few; and students will learn about fiddling in those countries in addition to how they relate to the development of fiddling in the US.

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Sing, play, move! with Lindsay Weinberg

Zoltan Kodaly said, "To teach a child an instrument without first giving him preparatory training and without developing singing, reading and dictating to the highest level along with the playing is to build upon sand." Kodaly believed that singing and moving are the basis of musicality, and his method of music education uses folk songs and games as the tools to develop not only musical literacy but also a lifelong thirst for the unique joy and spirituality that music can provide. In this class, we'll set the fiddles down to explore, enjoy, and hone the skills of our musical bodies by singing, dancing, and playing together.

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