Greg Geffrard Camp Bio

Teaching: The Right to Write

Pronoun preference: he/him

Introduction Of Me by Greg Geffrard
Who am I/ behind the many disguises/ I place over this brown pigmentation/ like lamination/ it’s sometimes necessary but I do not like provocation/ the only violence I engage in/ is when I scratch a white page with my black lead/ in attempts to clear my head/ and gain some perspective/ on what my next objective/ should be/ now if you’re trying to find me/ through Googling/ seeking to find the etymology of Gregory/ Geffrard/ you might find it a bit odd/ that my last name sounds French but originates from Italy/ and was later brought to Haiti/ where my family/ decided to leave/ and come to this country/ to be free/ so I am just a Haitian baby and I’m constantly seeking to find my own identity/ I’m not hoping for fame/ or to be critically acclaimed/ just want my name/ to resonate in the minds of the freedom dreamers of the future/ armed with 3 terminal degrees, I suture/ my past to my present/ English is the second language/ to dance on my tongue/ I am a son/ who misses his mother/ like no other/ I greet failure like it’s a friend/ love the sand/ between my toes/when the wind blows/ being clever/ beautiful weather/ palm trees/ snowboarding, no skis/ I am me/ Gregory/ but you can just call me G

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