2018 Summer Camp Teacher Bios

Alisa Rosenthal

Teaching: Rock Singing, Music Video Music & Songwriting and Performance for Music Video Production

Pronoun preference: she/her

Alisa Rosenthal is a teaching artist and musical comedian who grew up in Evanston, went to college in Iowa, and then got bored with all the corn and came back to Chicago. During the school year she teaches music, songwriting, and team building in the Chicago Public Schools, in addition to Wiggleworms and youth theater and improv at Old Town School. As a professional performer and all around embracer of "the hustle," Alisa has performed her one-woman musical comedy shows across the country and also at the dinner table, much to her parents' chagrin.

Allison Grabarczyk

Teaching: Jazz Dance Technique

Pronoun preference: she/her

Allison is a Chicago transplant originally hailing from Toledo, Ohio where she began dancing at the age of three. She was a competitive dancer for 14 years and graduated with her B.S. in Dance Performance from Illinois State University in 2011. Allison has been teaching dance in the Midwest for over 12 years traveling around Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan sharing her love of dance and theatre with students of all ages. Prior to moving to the Chicago area, Allison had the privilege of working with choreographers such as Jon Lehrer, Kim Neal Nofsinger, and Sonya Tayeh as well as having the honor to work with some of the greats such as Al Gilbert and Frank Hatchett. She is currently in her sixth season with Innervation Dance Cooperative and her third as a member of the artistic board. Other performance credits include: Body Movin Dance, IDC S.P.E.A.K.S., The Subconscious Development Motion Project, The Monocle Eclectic Dance Company, and several independent choreographers since moving to the Chicago area in 2011. She has most recently performed original works at the Emergence Choreographer's Showcase, RADFest, Kaleidoscope Choreographer's Festival, and Dance Chicago in addition to her work with IDC. Allison also is a certified fitness instructor in various formats and has been teaching group fitness since 2013. When she is not teaching dance or rehearsing she can usually be found watching through Star Trek for the 100th time or maybe even sleeping from time to time.

Arif Smith

Dance Camp Leader & Program Manager of Dance, Theater, and Visual Arts

For more than 15 years, Arif has studied several Afro-diasporic traditions as a dancer and percussionist, including bomba from Puerto Rico, rumba and rueda de casino from Cuba, and kizomba from Angola. He is also passionate about Ethiopian eskista and Chicago's own house music! Arif received his BA from Oklahoma State University, and participated in the performance studies program at Northwestern University. Currently, he is a member of Bomba con Buya and Iré Elese Abure, and is an Artist-in-Residence at the University of Chicago's Arts + Public and Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture.

Barbie Silverman

Teaching: Pairs

Pronoun preference: she/her

Pairs is led by Barb Silverman, whose specialty is a pair: Song and Dance! Barbie Silverman's guitar, washboard, lilting voice and dancing feet have captured hearts solo, full band, and everything in between. She fronts The Schticklers, The Laketown Buskers, The Teflons, Silver Rose, has performed on national radio and in concerts and fests across the country, even as far away as Finland. She teaches ten adult classes at the Old Town School in voice, guitar, and dance, has seven CD recordings, and has been lauded a 'folk festival in a box.' Barbie's Summer Camp offering have included Sea Shanties, Songs of the Rodeo, Doo Wop, Cajun Culture, Tin Pan Alley, Dreams Schemes and Krispy Kremes, and now Pairs. She is known for her stunning voice, relaxed stage presence, clogging feet, red bicycle, and the world's cutest dog named Dinah with a black patch eye.

Christina Gorman

Teaching: Stage Combat

Pronoun preference: she/her

Christina Gorman is an actor, fight choreographer, and teacher originally from the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. She is incredibly pleased to be teaching at Old Town School again this summer! She also teaches acting and stage combat at Acting Studio Chicago. When not acting, fighting, or teaching, she loves biking, eating gelato, and spending time with her two cats Jude and Julius.

Corinne Mucha

Teaching: Comics

Pronoun preference: she/her

Corinne Mucha is a teaching artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and frequent storyteller. She is the author of three graphic novels and a contributor to numerous anthologies. She teaches year round at Old Town School and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Her interests include glitter, small plastic horses, free burrito coupons, and cakes decorated to look like hamburgers. She has a very loud laugh.

Dill Costa

Teaching: Brazilian Samba Dance

Pronoun preference: she/her

Raised in Rio de Janeiro, Dill (pronounced 'Jill') is one of the only experts in samba dance and performance. As a regular dancer in some of Brazil's best known escolas de samba, the groups of hundreds of musicians and dancers in one of the greatest festivals on Earth, Dill is one of the only performers in Chicago who represents the authentic Carnaval music that is part of Brazil's rich musical legacy. She has held many titles in samba schools including Queen of the Percussion Section. Besides samba, Dill is an expert in jazz, tap, modern, and folk dance of Brazil. She was an instructor of Brazilian regional dance forms for many years. Since relocating to Chicago in 2003, Dill has dedicated herself to music, and can be seen regularly singing with the Evanston Escola de Samba, Cor do Brasil, and her own trio, singing the classics of Brazilian samba, bossa nova, and Brazilian jazz and pop.

Eilleen Mallary

Teaching: Hip Hop and Leaps & Turns

Pronoun preference: she/her

Eilleen Mallary has been a Culture Shock® Chicago dancer for the past 13 years and also serves as Executive Director. She trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and is a former company member with Clear Lake Metropolitan Ballet, where she performed in productions of The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Dracula and Coppélia. She also had the honor of serving as the variations assistant to prima ballerina Janie Parker, the first American dancer to win a gold medal in the USA IBC. With Culture Shock, she has performed extensively throughout Chicago, as well as touring the US and Canada. She assisted with and performed a flash mob for Pillsbury with gospel duo 'Mary Mary' and was an OfficeMax elf in the McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012. She can be seen on film in the 'Get Hybrid' mattress commercial and has performed for Adidas-Lollapalooza, Coca Cola and Nike's 'Let's Move' campaign launch with First Lady Michelle Obama. Her most recent commercial choreography includes flash mobs for Bacardi, The Thrillist and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Her students and choreography have won numerous awards and recognition at regional and national competitions and the city's annual dance festival, Dance Chicago. Eilleen is a passionate and dedicated teacher who strives to inspire and create positive change through dance.

Emily Perkins

Teaching: Circus Arts

Pronoun preference: she/her

Emily Perkins has been dedicating her life to circus skills since 2010. Her journey began with hula hoops, and now encompasses a wide variety of circus skills including stilt walking, acrobatics, juggling, and fire manipulation. Her passion for circus is fueled by the connectivity it brings to her life and community. You can find her teaching and performing throughout the Chicago area and United States.

Gabriella Hirsch

Teaching: Covers & Remixes

Pronoun preference: she/her

Gabriella has been an active teacher and performer in Chicago for about two years. She grew up in small towns in Virginia and Florida, learning classical piano from age five. She also loves to sing and play guitar, and she developed her skills in other styles throughout her musical studies at the University of Miami. Gaby has coached youth rock bands throughout the city and she is also a board-certified Music Therapist. A songwriter, composer, and Music Director, you can catch her playing piano for improv shows at the iO Theater, performing with the Barrel of Monkeys theater company, and onstage at various comedy venues.

Greg Geffrard

Teaching: How To Be: Youth's Guide To Empowerment & Change in 2018

Pronoun preference: he/him

Introduction Of Me by Greg Geffrard
Who am I/ behind the many disguises/ I place over this brown pigmentation/ like lamination/ it's sometimes necessary but I do not like provocation/ the only violence I engage in/ is when I scratch a white page with my black lead/ in attempts to clear my head/ and gain some perspective/ on what my next objective/ should be/ now if you're trying to find me/ through Googling/ seeking to find the etymology of Gregory/ Geffrard/ you might find it a bit odd/ that my last name sounds French but originates from Italy/ and was later brought to Haiti/ where my family/ decided to leave/ and come to this country/ to be free/ so I am just a Haitian baby and I'm constantly seeking to find my own identity/ I'm not hoping for fame/ or to be critically acclaimed/ just want my name/ to resonate in the minds of the freedom dreamers of the future/ armed with 3 terminal degrees, I suture/ my past to my present/ English is the second language/ to dance on my tongue/ I am a son/ who misses his mother/ like no other/ I greet failure like it's a friend/ love the sand/ between my toes/when the wind blows/ being clever/ beautiful weather/ palm trees/ snowboarding, no skis/ I am me/ Gregory/ but you can just call me G

Hana Hayashi

Arts Camp Coordinator

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hello! My name is Hana (pronounced Hah-nah) and I'm so excited to meet you! I'm a Chicago born and raised comedy writer, stage manager, actor, and artist who loves cats, cooking, dancing, knitting, crocheting, and all things old Hollywood. I've been knocking around the Chicago theatre scene for quite some time now, working for companies such as Raven Theatre and Jackalope Theatre, and am a proud alumni of the Acting Program at Columbia College Chicago. I'm beyond excited to be working with a community of artists who so believe in encouraging, fostering, and continuously inspiring creatives of all ages to pursue their passions. I love getting to know people, and I love hearing about their stories, goals, dreams, and passions, so make sure to stop by and say hi!

Harjinder Singh

Teaching: Music Making Moves & Music Making Change: Reggae, Hip-hop, and Samba

Pronoun preference: he/him

Harjinder Singh has been traveling around the world and making music since he was a little whipper-snapper. He loves to be outside exploring new places, making music with all sizes of humans, and eating delicious snacks. He has lived and studied in West-Africa, India, and the Caribbean. Currently you can find Harjinder as a Teaching Assistant finishing his MA thesis in Ethnomusicology at Tufts University, or on the road performing as a vocalist and guitarist with groups such as Debo Band and Fatbook. Harjinder can't wait to get started exploring this summer with the wonderful campers at the Old Town School!

Idy Ciss

Teaching: West African Dance

Idy Ciss comes to us from Senegal. He credits his grandparents with his natural dance ability. They were well known in their village for their dancing, and it was from them that he received this gift. From the time he was five years old, the people from his village loved to watch him dance. He was always called upon to perform for special occasions and ceremonies. He credits the love and support of his family and neighbors as the catalyst which led him to the field of professional dance. Idy is also a teacher and singer of traditional African songs. His professional debut was with Les Ballets Africans Kolaam Serere. He is also a former member of Ballets Africans. He has performed before presidents of several African countries and appeared on national television in Senegal. Idy is a full time member of Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, offering his expertise as a consultant, choreographer, and principal dancer.

Jasmine Jordan

Teen Arts Camp Leader

My name is Jasmine and I am a writer, performer, producer and teaching artist. I am a member of the Neo-Futurists ensemble and am always scribbling down ideas for two-minute plays for our show the Infinite Wrench. I also make theater with a collective called Hot Kitchen about everything from Kim Kardashian to what it means to grow up in Florida. I teach with Northlight Theater and the Viola Project and love exposing young people to art. If you see me around, I'd love to dish about your astrological sign.

Jason McInnes

Teaching: Harmonica Orchestra

Pronoun preference: he/him

Multi-instrumentalist Jason McInnes is a veteran performer and educator based in Chicago. Jason uses his guitar and banjo, as well as found objects and body percussion, to support his reinterpretation of folk traditions. He is on a constant search for new ways to connect to music itself, and to strike up new friendships through music. A few years ago he broke his wrist and found that he couldn't play his guitar. That is when he fell in love with the harmonica. In 2013, Jason won the 2013 Midwest Fiddle Championship as the harmonica player of the fiddle/harmonica duo, the Wren and the Whistler. In 2015, Jason was named a Distinguished Teaching Artist at Old Town School of Folk Music.

Jess McIntosh

Teaching: Crankies

Pronoun preference: she/her

Jess McIntosh is a multi-instrumentalist and visual artist with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Spanish. Titles beyond these sometimes include: fiddler, educator, songwriter, performer and tour-mate, storyteller, and continual student. Specializing in early childhood learning, she teaches fiddle at the Old Town School throughout the year, and performs most frequently with her band, Joybird, Al Scorch (Bloodshot Records), members of Old Lazarus' Harp Folk Collective, and myriad traditional and country bands around the city. In addition, she spends much of her local energy playing and composing for The House Theatre Company of Chicago.

Jessie Pellowski

Teaching: The Music in Me

Pronoun preference: she/her

Jessie Pellowski is back for her fourth summer with Old Town School Camp! Jessie started as a camp counselor and has been teaching in camp for three years now. During the school year, Jessie is a teaching artist with Foundations of Music. Jessie is from Wisconsin, and she arrived in Chicago six years ago. Although she practically bleeds Wisconsin cheese, Jessie has fallen for every piece of Chicago, from the beaches right down to the hot dogs. She is excited to make music and have a blast this summer with the campers!

John Huber

Leader for Arts Camp for 7 - 11 Year Olds

Hi, I'm John, and I grew up in Alton, Illinois. For the past several years, I have spent much of my time teaching in a Montessori School, teaching bluegrass guitar classes at the Old Town School, and playing in my bluegrass band. Of my many favorite things, I'll try and name a few: my favorite place is the Old Town School. My favorite musician is Doc Watson. I love pizza and being outside so I am really happy when I can eat pizza outside. I love my family and being able to visit them when I can. My favorite things to do are play music with my friends and to learn new things. My favorite body of water is the Mississippi River. My favorite animal is the fox. My favorite plant is the oak tree. Summer camp is my favorite thing in the world. I can't wait to meet all of you, learn new things with you, and have the most fun ever!

Katherine Athanasiou

Teaching: Kodály Singing Class

Hello, I'm Katherine! I grew up in New Jersey, lived in Boston for 15 years, and moved with my family to Chicago four years ago. I'm so happy to have found a home at the Old Town School, where I teach a Young Voices Kodály class to 4-6 year olds. I love helping kids become better musicians through singing and playing. If you can see music with your ears and hear music with your eyes, you are well on your way to being an unstoppable fiddle player! I have a 6 year old daughter named Chloe and a 4 year old son named Leo, both of whom are learning fiddle at the Old Town School. I can't wait to meet you and make music with you this summer!

Kim Davis

Teaching: Contemporary Dance

Kim Davis has been dancing since she was a child. She has over 19 years experience as a dance instructor, choreographer and dance administrator and has written the syllabi for several dance studios in the Chicago area. She has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and hip hop at several studios and collegiate programs including Lou Conte, the College of Lake County, the University of Iowa and Pennsylvania State University, and she continues to study dance technique and history to this day. Her work has been shown in numerous arts festivals including a special invitation to perform in the Ela Arts Festival of Lake Zurich, Illinois in 1999. Also in 1999, she was chosen to perform as part of one of the first American dance companies to present work in the Prague International Dance Festival held in and around the Czech Republic. Kimberly also has performed with Prairie Spirits Dance Theater and Valerie Alpert Dance Company. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Recreation Management through Pennsylvania State University having already completed her Master of Science in Recreation Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her current research focuses on finding strategies to help women engage or reengage in dance programs.

Liz Chidester

Teaching: Ukulele

Pronoun preference: she/her

Liz Chidester is a Chicago singer/songwriter, actor, and teaching artist from Virginia. Liz teaches group and private ukulele at Old Town School of Folk Music, Ravenswood Elementary School, and Sherwood Music School to students of all ages. She believes the ukulele is a peaceful and unifying instrument, and is thankful for the many friendships and special musical moments made with her ukulele. Liz is a Jeff Award-winning actor in Chicago's musical theatre scene, and performs her original music with her band Liz and the Lovelies. She has her Bachelors in Music from James Madison University.

Maria McCullough

Co-Leader for Fiddle Camp

I'm Maria and I'm so looking forward to coming back to Chicago to make music with you this summer! I love returning to Fiddle Camp each year to spend time friends, family, and YOU! I'll be visiting from El Paso, Texas, where I now live. It's very near Mexico and New Mexico. The space I co-founded there, Carambola Community Music, celebrated its second birthday on October 19, 2017. I learn so much from my community here everyday and know that I will learn so much from each of you this summer!

Mariana Green

Teaching: Physical Storytelling

Pronoun preference: she/her

Mariana is a California native and a Chicago-based teaching artist, who loves working with young people to turn their creative ideas into realities. Currently, she works with Barrel of Monkeys theater, teaching 3rd and 4th graders about writing and performance, and For Youth Inquiry, directing, devising and performing in participatory plays advocating for teenage sexual health education in high school classrooms. Mariana also devises, sings and performs in various DIY venues throughout the city. On a sunny summer day, you can find her nestled under a tree in a nearby park, strumming her ukulele, doing contact poi, and/or munching on cucumbers.

Mary Tilden

Teaching: Voice-Over Magic

Pronoun preference: she/her

Mary Tilden is an teacher, actor and writer/comedian based in Chicago. During the school year, Mary teaches creative writing workshops in Chicago Public Schools with Barrel of Monkeys, where she is a company member. Mary performs improv regularly at iO Chicago with her team Devil's Daughter and does storytelling and stand-up all around town.

Matt Brown

Co-Leader for Fiddle Camp

Hi, my name is Matt, and I'm from West Chester, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. I grew up there, moved to Chicago on my twenty-seventh birthday, and began teaching at the Old Town School of Folk Music the night I arrived. I teach banjo, fiddle, and guitar at the Old Town School, and play around town with a band called Big Sadie. I enjoy watching superhero movies and making delicious food. I particularly like making dark chocolate cashew butter cups with sea salt on top (a homemade alternative to Reese's peanut butter cups).

Meg Nally

Teaching: Y'Alla, Let's Play!

Meg Nally is excited to meet this year's artists at Old Town School's Summer Camp! This past year, Meg has been earning her Masters in music education at Northwestern University. She's been exploring everything from creative thinking in music to word music pedagogy, and she can't wait to share her new experiences with young artists this summer. Besides hanging around the Old Town School, you might spot Meg running along the lakefront path training for the next big race on her calendar, cheering on the Cubs at Wrigley Field, at the dog beach with her adorable pup Sully, or snacking on her favorite summer treat, chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards. She's looking forward to meeting all of the fantastic campers this summer!

Monica Thomas

Teaching: Ballet and Music Theatre: Acting & Dancing

Monica fosters a fun and engaging learning environment that allows for personal empowerment and creative outlet. We focus on solid fundamentals of dance technique while also exploring major movement concepts, using Anne Green Gilbert's philosophy of BrainDance and ideas based on Laban Movement fundamentals. She emphasizes personal progress and achievements and encourages group collaboration. This leads students to a better understanding of their bodies and themselves. Monica is a performer, choreographer, and filmmaker. As a dancer and actor, she has performed with Winifred Haun & Dancers, Mordine & Company, Striding Lion Performance Group, Redmoon, The Whiskey Rebellion, and The House Theater. Her film work has shown at festivals nationally and internationally. She is a former High Concept Laboratories Sponsored Artist and received the choreographic mentorship from Mordine & Company in 2013.

Naima Bond

Teaching: Big World, Small World

Naima Bond is an artist and Early Childhood educator born, raised, and currently living in Chicago. Naima is a graduate of Oberlin College (1997) where she earned a BFA in Studio Art, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2006), where she studied Painting and Drawing. She has worked with children and young adults for more than 20 years and in many capacities, including Head and Assistant Teacher in Early Childhood, art and craft classes, and art-based activities in and outside of school settings. Naima tries to incorporate into each learning experience both the techniques and the experience of creating something, as both are equally important! Naima is passionate about creating spaces in which young children feel safe and supported in exploring the world of art and self-expression, and where they can feel confident in their understanding of techniques and materials. In her free time, Naima enjoys cooking vegan food for her friends, as well as learning about nature and animals, which are often the basis of her art.

Nora Kerr

Teaching: Irish Step

Nora Kerr has been dancing since the age of 6. She started with ballet, jazz and pointe, studying with Campell's of Lincolnshire. At age 12, she was introduced to Irish Step and quickly traded in her tutus for some hard shoes! She danced with the Sheila Tully School of Irish Dance for 7 years. She had the pleasure of dancing all over the U.S. but her favorite time of year was always St. Patrick's Day here in Chicago. Following college, she lived in Galway, Ireland and danced in many of the pubs there. Returning home to Chicago, she was delighted to find adult classes at the Old Town School and has stayed connected to dance ever since. She now has 2 young kids who are equally smitten with Irish music and dance. Irish step dance is a mixture of athletics, grace, and rhythm. It is also a major stress reliever! As adults, we all carry too much stress in our everyday life. My goal in this class is to provide an hour away from that worry, provide an opportunity to sweat, learn something new, and have a ton of fun doing it. In my mind, if you're not smiling and having fun, I'm doing something wrong.

Sara Noori

Teaching: Love is Cool

Pronoun preference: she/her

Sara Noori is a maker and creator who has connected with institutions as both a facilitator and a collaborator for more than 10 years. She began with Old Town School during the Summer Arts Camp in 2016 with a class about mandalas, and had so much fun she decided to stay and teach art year-round! Her work in education ranges from teaming up with the MCA's Department of Education to organize and execute the cherished Family Day Program, to teaching Art and Core Content classes in schools across Chicago, to independently developing a distinct art curriculum at the Art Box in Geneva, IL. Take a peek inside her studio, along with her work with Old Town students at saranoori.com. Sara's practice in the classroom is inspired by student choice, individuality, and enjoyment. Nurturing the creative spirit through material exploration, encouraging self-expression, and bolstering student confidence are her primary goals. Providing engaging, fun, and sometimes messy art experiences to students is what makes her work with Old Town School uniquely wonderful!

Sharon Krome

Teaching: Music Video Production

Pronoun preference: she/her

Originally from small-town Maryland, Sharon has lived, worked, and studied across Europe, including her favorite, graffiti-smattered Berlin. Last year, Sharon completed her MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Northwestern University, where she discovered her love of teaching. Here in Chicago, she has directed a webseries, AD'ed at Big Shoulders, and worked with such theaters as Silk Road Rising, Red Theater Chicago, and Nothing Without a Company. Around town, you'll also find her doing things like self-producing original pieces and painting abstract impressionistic pieces (aka fancy paint splatters).

Victoria Brazen

Camp Leader for Arts Camp 4-6 Years Olds

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hi! I'm Victoria and I'm so excited for my 2nd year with the Old Town School of Music's Arts camp! I loved getting the chance to watch my campers confidence and creativity increase everyday at the camp last year! Outside of the summer, I'm lucky enough to work with kids everyday as a "traveling" Spanish teacher at different schools all around the city. This summer, I'm looking forward to spending more time jamming on my banjo, swimming in the lake, and eating ice cream. Can't wait to meet you all!

Ben Baran

Counselor for Arts Camp for 4-6 Year Olds

Pronoun preference: he/him

Hi all! My name is Ben Baran. I just graduated from Reed College in Portland, Oregon with a degree in Music Composition. For my senior thesis, I wrote and recorded an album of original music. When I'm not playing guitar and singing with my band "Speed Trials," I like to read books, try new kinds of food, and play basketball. This will be my third summer being a counselor in the 4-6 age range but my first with the Old Town School. I'm looking forward to another great summer of camp!

Hannah Fidler

Counselor for Arts Camp for 4-6 Year Olds

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hello! I'm Hannah Fidler, and I'm so happy to be a camp counselor for Old Town School this summer! I am a teacher and musician originally from Bloomington, Indiana. Here in Chicago, I teach private music lessons and perform in the city as a bassist, vocalist, and composer. Recently I was part of a U.S. State Department program called OneBeat, which brought together 25 musicians from 17 different countries to live, record, and tour together. I got to create art with so many amazing musicians from all over the world! In my spare time, I like to swim, garden, and hang out with the six chickens and two dogs that live at my house. I love all kinds of art - drawing, writing stories, dancing, making crafts - and I am looking forward to this summer of getting creative and having fun with campers!

Jordan Stewart

Counselor for Arts Camp for 7-11 Year Olds

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hello! My name is Jordan, and it is so lovely to meet you! I am beyond excited to be returning to Old Town this summer. This is my second year as a camp counselor, and am sure this year will be just as wonderful as the last. I am currently a Musical Theatre student and Columbia College Chicago with a minor in management in creative industries, and will be graduating next May. I am very passionate about education and am an advocate for incorporating arts into every possible aspect of life. I originally from Hudson, Wisconsin, land of cheese heads. My time is mostly spent breaking into song and dance, doodling, and spending time with loved ones. I also work at homesoul in Lincoln Square, so please stop by to see me! I look forward to learning with you this summer!

Aziza Macklin

Counselor for Arts Camp for 7-11 Year Olds

Pronoun preference: she/her

My name is Aziza Macklin, and I'm thrilled to spend another summer at The Old Town School of Folk Music! This is my 3rd year as a counselor, and I'm excited to see old friends, meet new ones, and share awesome art with everyone. I'm an actress from Columbus, OH and I substitute teach during the school year. I love to sing, Zumba, and just talk about food. I can't wait to see what we'll create together!

Johanna Tesfaye

Counselor for Arts Camp for 7-11 Year Olds

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hello! My name is Johanna and I'm from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. I love making art and music, and traveling. I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design, and am currently pursuing my master's in art therapy here at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have experience working in a Montessori environment and the Champaign Park District, and continue to work with Girls Rock Carbondale. I'm so excited to be a part of the Old Town School and meet all of you at camp this year! See you soon!

Hannah Sawicki

Counselor for Arts Camp for 7-11 Year Olds

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hi! I am so excited to be a camp counselor at Old Town School of Music. I am an actor, producer, and improviser in Chicago. I have worked and taught at children's programing in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Chicago, and I am thrilled to be joining the Old Town camps this year. I love the outdoors, playing theater games, music, cooking and learning. I am looking forward to a great summer!

Lizzy Jordan

Teen Camp Arts Mentor

Pronoun preference: she/her

Lizzy received a Bachelor's in Music Education from Indiana University in 2015. Since then, she has been teaching 5th-8th grade orchestra in Palatine, IL, near her hometown of Arlington Heights. Her teaching career started at age 14, when she gave her first private cello lesson. Since then she has grown to have experience teaching string players of all ages throughout the Midwest and in South America.

Caroline McCraw

Teen Camp Arts Mentor

Pronoun preference: she/her

Hi, my name is Caroline and I'm a writer / artist / teacher / avid napper. Originally from North Carolina, I spent several years teaching ESL abroad before receiving my MFA in writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I love weird old books and the internet, which will come in handy this fall when I begin the Digital Humanities graduate program at Loyola University. As a returning Arts Mentor, I'm looking forward to a summer of interdisciplinary and collaborative making at the Teen Camp!