Great Country Lyrics: An Exploration of Classics and Masterpieces with Lawrence Peters

Country music is known for its stories. Melody, vocals, instrumentation and feel are important, but the living, breathing soul of a great country song is the lyrics. In this talk, Chicago singer, songwriter and bandleader Lawrence Peters will crack open some classic country songs, to examine the imagery, symbolism, and subtleties of the lyrics, and round it out with context and trivia about the artists and the recordings. It’ll be fun, and it may get pretty nerdy.

Lawrence Peters is a Chicago-based country singer, songwriter, and DJ with a music career spanning thirty-plus years. He is an enthusiastic collector and curator of country records, many of which he spins on his radio show "Country, My Way", on Chicago's WLPN 105.5 FM, every Wednesday from 4 to 6pm CST. Lawrence fronts his own honky tonk band, the award-winning Lawrence Peters Outfit, and plays with square dance group The Golden Horse Ranch Band. He is best known for his lead vocal on “The Old Blck Hen”, for Jason Molina’s watershed Songs: Ohia- Magnolia Electric Company album.

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