Banjos at the Music Store

Bart Reiter

Hand made open back banjos from Michigan. Bart started as a repairman and began to copy the classic Vega open back banjos. He now has a full line of models. His banjos are very popular on the old time circuit. Great craftsmanship and tone. Our favorite is the Whyte Laydie.

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Deering makes a full line of bluegrass banjos out of California. Top notch workmanship and bell like tone have made Deering popular on the bluegrass stages of America. Deering also owns the Vega name and makes open back Vega models.

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Enoch Banjos come to us from Maryland . Kevin Enoch's goal is to create instruments designed for clawhammer playing, that embrace the aesthetics of the great banjo makers of the early 20th century. But it is not just look that is spot on. These banjos sound precisely the way you imagine an old-time banjo should sound.

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Gold Tone

Goldtone is our favorite line of banjos. They make everything, from student and rental models to professional grade instruments in open back, resonator, four- five- and six-string, and electric models. They also make mandolins and ukuleles. Good values, excellent tone, wide selection.

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These unusual banjos come to us from Minnesota. Innovative, and different than any other banjo out there. Come in and we'll show you how Tom creates these great sounding banjos. Best known for bluegrass models and the electric Meteor.

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Our friend Chuck Ogsbury has been making Ome banjos (formally Ode) in Colorado since the '60s. His continual quest for tone has resulted in some of the best banjos we have ever seen or heard here at the store. Both open back and bluegrass models are available.

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