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Saturday, October 10, 2015  ♦  7:00 PM

Simdi Ensemble

In Love

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

  • Simdi Ensemble (Simdi translates to “now” in Turkish) is a new project in the footsteps of the Sufi tradition of Anatolia. Based in Turkey, Simdi was co-founded by singer and composer Bora Uymaz and harpist Sirin Pancaroglu.
    Bora is one of the most prolific figures of the Sufi tradition in Turkey today with an edge that is bridging the past with the present. He is appreciated for his strong and unique voice in which he carries the mystical and quiet moments of the wise and dervishes. In someways, he sings of seclusion and it is as if his voice is a vocal expression of history. Trained as a classical musician, Pancaroglu, the leading harpist of Turkey is equally active in the realm of Turkish traditional music, improvisation, electronic music, tango and semi-staged performances as she is in mainstream harp repertoire. Kemençe player Mehmet Yalgin is frequently involved in concerts in Turkey and abroad, as well as workshop programmes and recording sessions, collaborating with numerous artists. He is on the faculty of Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory where he teaches kemençe performance and instrument making.

    Simdi's expression is based on seizing the day, the “now”. In daily life we are torn between the past and the future. Often, unaware and devoid of the meaning of the present, the “now”. If we live in the present, we could both find our place in the past and be able to prepare the future. The same goes for musical performance too. If one keeps thinking about the mistake just made, or a difficult passage ahead, the musician misses the moment. This is the philosophy behind Simdi's music: living in the present, making the music of the present by using its natural power and enjoying the moment. Simdi reflects this approach by embracing the traditional repertoire as well as the music composed by band members. Whether composed hymns, songs or instrumental works, the music is strongly rooted in the creativity of the moment, accompanied by improvised forms such taksims, ghazals and odes (kasides).
    This event has been co-produced by Fusun Alpakin of SPACE: the Southport Performing Arts Conservatory

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