Songs of the Session

In an effort to recreate and honor a tradition that was begun back in 1957, when Frank Hamilton would teach the same song to different levels of players, we proudly present The Songs of The Session.

Each session two songs are chosen, one from the songbook and one from the general repertoire. All classes are encouraged to learn these tunes and apply the skills they are working on at their individual levels.

As we are in the middle of the second decade of the century, our songs of this session exhibit the diversity that is so much a part of the Old Town School experience. These songs are rich in tradition and there is simply no reason why they can't be approached by any of the instruments we teach here at The Old Town School.

April - June 2015

"Lonesome Road Blues"

A new session begins with our eyes on warmer weather. A few local events in June inform our song choices this session. From the Old Town School Songbook "Lonesome Road Blues" in anticipation of The Chicago Blues Fest on June 12th-14th. Some may recognize the tune as "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad." It's a 16-bar blues form and has been covered by many greats. Big Bill Broonzy, Woody Guthrie, Elizabeth Cotton, Bill Monroe, The Grateful Dead, Eric Bibb and John Mayer all have included it as a staple in their respective repertoires. "I'm going' down the road feeling bad lord lord and I ain't gonna be treated this way."

Chart for "Lonesome Road Blues"

"Somos El Barco"

Our non-book song is "Somos El Barco" which our Children's music program is preparing for the Make Music Chicago event on June 21st. All over town on this special day, people will be playing music and leading all sorts of jams! Mark your calendar.

"Somos El Barco" written by Lorre Wyatt is a beautiful bi-lingual song celebrating the unity and inter-dependence of humankind. "We are the boat. We are the sea. I sail in you. You sail in me." This was one of Pete Seeger's all-time favorite songs. Learn it, share it and sing it out. Join us for loads of activities on June 21st.

Chart for "Somos El Barco"

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