Kids' Music Program

Let the music PLAY!

Led by creative and passionate teaching artists, our music programs focus on singing and active music making to build confident and creative musicians. Through an authentic, rich and varied music repertoire, we build a strong foundation of playing technique, music theory, music literacy, and musicality. The Old Town School way is open, understanding, individual, and imaginative.

Integral is the family's investment in the child's development. Families are encouraged to be side by side learners and creative participants in our musical community. We support young folks as they work through the hard parts of learning an instrument and we encourage families to use the jams and social-music making events at the school as a place to do music. We expect that many children will want to try various instruments as they grow and encourage those opportunities. As children progress, we often suggest complementing classes with private lessons or joining an ensemble.

Experiencing our social learning environments and the musical abundance within our artistic community--from jams to concerts to artist residencies from around the world, young folks emerge as attuned listeners and learners, ready to discover and understand a musical world!

At The Old Town School of Folk Music…
We nurture a love for making music.
We begin a lifelong journey of musical learning and musical bravery.
We provide access to music as creative expression and a source of youth development.

Young folks will learn to hear, to internalize music, to feel music, and refine their listening skills as they become musically literate.

Young folks will discover and develop their own musicality, and identify themselves as creative musicians.

Young folks will master a rich and varied repertoire, rooted in the traditions of diverse global and American communities.

In a social learning environment, young folks will learn how they learn. They will learn to articulate the learning process; and as they build upon prior knowledge they will learn to tackle new challenges; young folks will consider themselves brave, lifelong musical learners!

The Saturday Jam »

All ages learn side by side. We sing, we dance, we listen,we laugh, we play, we learn. We deepen our understanding of the practice of a musician! The Jam is FREE and meant to complement the week's class or lesson or introduce new folks to the school. It's a chance to play with musicians of all levels.

Jams »   

Jarana »

Jaraneros begin with the music from the rich musical tradition born in Veracruz, Mexico - Son Jarocho and expands to songwriting, ensemble work, and musicianship. The group class works on developing right hand technique to play with steady beat and rhythm and explores musical style, arrangement, and performance. Led by Sones de Mexico member, Zacbe Pichardo, this class is for ages 7-99!

Jarana »   

NEW! Youth Irish Tin Whistle »

Join us for Youth Irish Tin Whistle! Delight in the beautiful ancient sound of Ireland when you learn this accessible instrument for all!

Youth Irish Tin Whistle »   

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