Teen Arts Camp 2018 Class Descriptions

In Teen Arts Camp, 12 – 16 year olds connect and collaborate in an intimate and creative environment as they explore the arts at our 4545 North Lincoln Avenue location. Each session is two weeks.

Songwriting and Performance for Music Video Production with Alisa Rosenthal »

In this class, we'll learn the fundamentals of songwriting, like how to get an idea, let it grow, and how to stick with it. Taught in close collaboration with Music Video Production class, we'll dream big about how to bring our ideas to life using all the tools we have at hand; playing music, acting, dancing, and any other way under the sun we can find to express ourselves! Inspiration will be drawn from the modern history of music videos, as we look closely at some hilarious gems from the 80's and 90's, along with the trends of today.

Music Video Production with Sharon Krome

Music and film are a classic combination. In this class, we’ll cover video production basics while creating a music video to your original music. As we create punchy music videos, we’ll explore aesthetics and cinematography that match the music. From writing, directing, filming and editing, you’ll have a hand in every part of filmmaking. Whether you prefer musical theater or contemporary music videos, we’ll pull inspiration from many different genres and decades to create a video all around the song. Look out, MTV. There’s a new director in town!

Physical Storytelling with Mariana Green »

As humans moving through the world, we are met with the infinite possibilities of what our days might become. Our lives fill up with individual stories day by day, stacking on top of, amid and intertwining with other people’s stories that eventually become the story of our lives. Humans love stories. We love telling them; we love hearing them. In this class, we will be drawing from the stories of our lives and building performance using the greatest storytelling tool we have – our bodies! Starting with our movement vocabulary, we’ll explore how our bodies take up space, how we interpret body language and how to tell stories from a place of physical expression using shapes, gestures, sounds and tempo. We will support each other’s individual and group experiences in all of their glory and learning how curiosity and collaboration help us to validate each other’s voices.

How To Be: Youth's Guide To Empowerment & Change in 2018 with Greg Geffard »

"Remember the stronger you are in your Self, the stronger we all are. We are all connected. Together our creative power is transforming our world to reflect who we really are."
Maya Gonzalez, author of When A Bully Is President: Truth & Creativity for Oppressive Times

we yet again find ourselves in a time where a plethora of conversations have captured both our heads and hearts with seemingly no end in sight. we want to center ourselves and create, yet we do not know where to even begin. we have to begin with ourselves. in this class, utilizing satire and analysis as a guide, we will delve into why imagination bolstered with proactive community building is vital to thriving and re-imagining a future where we can call oppression for what it truly is and dismantle a system that does not serve too many. before we can help the person next to us on this ride, we must first apply our own oxygen mask. let's breathe together

utilizing text from bell hooks, Maya Gonzalez, James Gillian, M.D, Paulo Freire, Trevor Noah, and countless poetic explorations, we will discover where our power lies within an ever shifting American landscape and seek to find our truth through language, history and the examining the many constructs that govern our lives

youth have always been at the forefront of every revolution in the history of change. let's carry on this tradition. together.

'Ukulele with Liz Chidester »

Do you love the sound of a 'ukulele? Do you currently play 'ukulele, or have you ever wanted to play with a group? No matter what your age or skill level, the 'ukulele is a perfect instrument to start or continue your musical journey. Rich with history and repertoire, this amazing, simple instrument has endless music-making possibilities! In this class, we will learn the basic chords and strums used to make many of your favorite modern pop tunes, as well as Hawaiian, Tin Pan Alley, and jazz tunes. All you need is peace, love, and 'ukuleles!

Covers and Remixes with Gabriella Hirsch »

In this music ensemble, we will learn the songs you love and make them our own! A song can be played in so many different ways, and this group is all about playing with genre to create our own sound -- think "Postmodern Jukebox." From pop, to soul, to folk, to punk rock, no style is off limits. Creating our own arrangements and hearing these songs in a new light will lead to awesome artistic discovery. You might find yourself trying out a style that is totally new to you, or finding new meaning in the lyrics of your favorite song. This class is open to all skill levels, instruments, and ideas!

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