Fiddle Camp 2018 Class Descriptions

Led by Old Town School teaching artists MATT BROWN and MARIA MCCULLOUGH, Fiddle Camp takes place August 6 - 10 at our 4545 North Lincoln Avenue location, with a culminating performance in Szold Hall on August 10.

Matt Brown ·
Old Time Fiddle Class »

In Matt’s Old Time Fiddle Class, students will learn several tunes from the great state of Kentucky. Students will learn where the tunes come from and about the source musicians as well. In addition to learning the melodies of each tune, students will be encouraged to try particular bowings that are specific to the old-time style.

Maria McCullough ·
Southwest Fiddle Class »

In the Southwest fiddle class, students will learn dance tunes from New Mexico and Arizona. The music is a mixture of Native American and European influences. The fiddle tunes will be taught by ear, phrase by phrase. Students will also learn about each tune's source and sing any lyrics and dance steps that are associated with them. All of the tunes will be well-suited for sharing at jam sessions at camp and beyond.

Katherine Athanasiou ·
Kodály Singing Class »

The Kodály concept is an approach to music education developed in Hungary during the mid-twentieth century by composer and musicologist, Zoltán Kodály. One of the goals of this educational philosophy is for the students to develop the ability to hear music they see and see music they hear. In Katherine's Kodály Singing Class, students will sing rounds and canons, play singing games and play-parties and learn a variety of traditional English folk dances. All the repertoire in this class will be in the folk tradition and will be taught by ear, and campers will then use aspects of all the music they sing to learn rhythm reading/writing and solfège (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do). The skills presented in this class will help each student strengthen and round out their musicianship!

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