Arts Camp 2016: 7 - 11 Year Olds
Class Descriptions

Led by Camp Leader JOHN HUBER and other Old Town School teaching artists, 7 – 11 year olds work independently and in groups as they explore the arts at our 4544 North Lincoln Avenue location.

D.I.Y. with Sara Noori »

When you create things, does anyone ever ask you, What’s it supposed to be? Well, that question can actually be a compliment! Experimental art and D.I.Y. punk rock culture ask this same question frequently, and we’ll talk all about it in this visual art-based class. Together, we will survey the world of radical painting, drawing, and performance art and react to artists like Philip Guston, Robert Longo, and Yoko Ono. We’ll explore the iconic fashion trends, concert posters, and radical thinkers of the scene, all while getting messy and becoming the next generation of punk rock art stars. D.I.Y. means do it yourself, break some of the rules, and have fun creating art that screams YOU!

Stage Combat with Jaq Seifert »

BAM! POW! KABOOM! Superheroes and Supervillains! The world is at breaking point: the Supervillains have taken over and are causing chaos wherever they go. It is up to the brave students of the OTS Summer Camp to discover their hidden superpowers and save the city from the evil that’s running rampant through the streets! Using imagination and creativity, students will create their own superhero and superpowers to combat the forces of evil as they learn the foundations of stage combat, including safety, partnering, and communication. Now then! Calling all heroes! Your victory awaits!

Dreams, Schemes, and Krispy Kremes with Barbie Silverman »

Wake up and dream! In this unique class, Old Town School campers will tiptoe, walk, and gallop through the world of dreams - tracking, describing, and enacting night dreams, daydreams, songs about dreams, and dreamlike motions and movement. We will explore how dreams inspire us into action, generating small and large-scale plans, and learn to express these plans in creative language. And since our plans and goals are often shaped by our favorite things, be it Krispy Kremes, balance beams, or brand new jeans, we will color our dream world with these real-world adornments.

Punk Rock with Jason McInnes »

Let's turn it up and crank out some punk rock guitar tunes! We'll dive into classic songs and touch on the cultural significance of rebels like Patti Smith, The Ramones, Nirvana and Sleater-Kinney. Along the way we'll create our own punk rock anthems as we examine the contemporary stylings of punk rock style and DIY pop culture. Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

Playwrights: Assemble! with Mary Tilden »

Have you ever read the back of a cereal box and thought, "Wow! That's funny!" or seen a street sign you wanted to read aloud in a dramatic fashion? Now is your chance to do this kind of thing and much more! In this class, we will take bodies of text that have already been written in books, poems, newspaper articles, and even internet memes and use them as the scripts for our very own short plays. Each class will focus on using a different piece of text as inspiration and then finding a way to turn it into a dialogue between two characters. Everyone will have a chance to be the director, the actor, and the choreographer as we adapt words to be performance-ready. By the end of this class, each group have created a least one short play that you can call your own, all from unexpected original sources.

What's the Score? with Liz Chidester »

Movies are amazing! They take us on a journey to places we never dreamed of, and they hold mirrors up to our everyday lives to help us change the world. But movies would be boring without one thing: music! Music makes us feel a range of emotions, and helps movies tell incredible stories. In this camp class, we will explore famous scores and soundtracks to inspire us as we set our own scores to short films.

Rock Roots with Alisa Rosenthal »

Did you know the first rock star was an African American woman named Sister Rosetta Tharpe? And that when Elvis sang "Hound Dog" it was actually a cover? In Rock Roots, we'll explore how songs and styles evolved over history and how musicians from over 100 years ago influenced artist we love today. By learning and singing songs, practicing writing in different styles, and sharing our favorite songs and singers, we'll get to play detective to figure out their roots. Can we figure out how Bob Dylan influenced Adele? Hard to say - but we will definitely try!

Mythical Creatures with Corinne Mucha »

Do you like to draw mermaids and monsters? What about ichthyocentaurs? Maybe you're great at drawings ghosts, but have you ever tried to draw a bake-kujira, a Japanese ghost whale? How do different cultures depict dragons? In this visual art class, we will learn about mythical creatures from storytelling traditions around the world. Campers will delve into the history behind their favorite mythical creatures, while exploring the role of symbolism in art. We’ll ask the question, How do you draw something that doesn't exist? We will practice drawing techniques that illustrators use to create from their imaginations as we sketch out some familiar creatures and invent some new ones.

Unlock Your Superhero with Jeff Trainor »

This Old Town School...a new generation of superheroes will be formed. They will be strong. They will be brave. The heroes will rise! In this class, students will use creative writing, theater and improv games, stage combat, scene writing, and inspiration from comic books to create and develop their own superhero identities. We will harness the incredible imagination that each student possesses, and we’ll strengthen our visions by putting thought to paper, putting ideas on their feet, and collaborating with each other to create the best original group of superheroes this world has ever seen! We’ll talk about what qualities make a superhero, and why superheroes captivate us. We’ll explore the ways that superheroes are never perfect, and why that pushes them to be the best heroes that they can be!

Jazz Room with Jessie Pellowski »

Welcome to the Jazz Room! Get ready to groove and tap your toes as we explore the unique, exciting world of jazz. We will experience the sound and style of second line parades from our brass band friends down around the Mississippi Delta, the amplified jazz sound of Chicago, and the swingin' bands of New York City! Get ready to listen, sing, play, and even dance our way through the Jazz Room. Music is an amazing way to express your individuality and jazz is a really incredible vehicle to get us there. Together, we will recreate many jazz styles and add in our own personal flare!

Hoop On with Renée Nanzer »

Maybe you can swing a hula hoop around your hips (or arm! or leg!) for hours. Maybe you've never quite been able to keep a hoop up at all, but you love to move around and do challenging, interesting things with your body! Or maybe you're more of a creative storyteller who doesn't love to move around quite so much. No matter who you are or which hula hoop direction you're coming from, this class will empower you with hoop dance fundamentals and challenge you to think WAY outside the box. Guided by the infinite possibilities of a circle and lots of motion, we'll dance, play games, and create stories, all set to an awesome soundtrack. Ready to be a hoop master? Let's do it! Get your hoop on!

Story Squad with Meg Harkins »

Stories are powerful! The stories that we tell about ourselves (or to ourselves) and the stories others share with us allow us to connect with each other. Storytelling and listening help us create a more compassionate, empathetic world as we discover all we have in common and all that makes us unique. In the traditions of StoryCorps, The Moth, and This American Life, we will explore our own stories, how they change over time, and how they change us. We will work together to build new stories as an ensemble. As a final project, we will interview each other, record and edit the interview, and send our stories to the Library of Congress to be a part of the StoryCorps archives forever!

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